Guide to Starting a Successful YouTube Channel


Check out Brighter Guide to stay updated with current and useful knowledge about today’s technology. YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in this world for many years now. And we don’t see any other competitor taking its place yet. In 2021, YouTube is not only a platform for entertainment, but it also has become a big career prospect for many people around the world. Top YouTube creators are living their dream by making videos and sharing them with their audience. YouTube offers a life that a lot of people want to achieve and experience.

Have you always thought of starting your own YouTube channel for yourself or your brand? Well, you are not alone. Many people open their YouTube channels every day. Do you know how to start a successful channel on the YouTube platform? No? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. This blog will tell you everything about how you can start a YouTube channel.

Without further ado, if you have many YouTube video ideas ready, then let’s begin.

1. Identify Your Audience – 

There are hundreds of genres on which you can make your videos. Each of these genres has a huge audience base, and people love watching videos from all kinds of genres. But that doesn’t mean you will create videos on all of them. That is not going to make you unique and creative. For creators who are starting, identifying the audience is one of the first crucial steps to take.

Unable to realize the kind of audience you are planning to attract, it can work against you. This is a lot easier for brands because they can find out the potential audience based on the kind of products or services they want to offer. 

If you are an individual creator, then you should focus on creating videos that you love to do. Choose a genre in which you have ample knowledge and know the nuances. This will help you to attract an audience who find your videos useful over time. You can also create a persona based on the statement, age, and location to understand the audience.

2. Use Right Keywords – 

You have to use the right keywords if you want people to find your videos easily. Even videos can be incorporated with the right keywords to make them more discoverable. YouTube has an excellent auto-recommend search engine. It tells you about the most popular topics that people are searching for currently. Therefore, if your video has the right keywords, there are high chances that people will discover your videos.

To find out the best and most relevant keywords, you can use keyword research tools. They will show you the potentially good-performing keywords that you can add to your videos. Lack of proper keywords won’t help you out.

3. Understand the Intent – 

If you want to run a successful YouTube channel, then you should understand the intent of the audience. What do we mean by the intent? It is the idea that tells you why the user searched for the video in the first place. Run an actual search on the YouTube search bar for all the relevant keywords to your niche. Check out the top 10 content that comes out and analyze the content very well. Find out what the people love about their videos.

Try to identify the kind of problem all these channels are providing a solution to and if the people are happy with it or not. This will help you to create better videos without wasting your precious resources and efforts every time.

4. Setup Your Gear – 

Let’s be clear about this – you don’t need to invest in costly gear while you are just starting a channel but make sure you have a camera, audio gear, light, and a good video editor. These are the essential resources that will help you to create your videos. You can get hold of them at cheaper rates if you look around. There’s no point in investing too much money on expensive gear when you don’t know what the future holds.

If you don’t have the budget to own a DSLR, you can even use your mobile camera. A lot of top YouTube creators started that way! Use a good mic that will capture your audio clearly, and there should be good lighting in the space. Use a video editor to edit your videos for more enhancements and other corrections. There are several free video editors available online.

5. Upload Your Video – 

Once you are finished making the video, you have to upload it. Use an attractive and catchy title to grab the people’s attention. However, it should not be click-bait. That will work ultimately against you. Using a powerful thumbnail editor online, you should make a good thumbnail for your video. The use of a proper thumbnail helps people to get a quick overview of the content of the video.

Use good keywords in the description and also in the title, as we have already mentioned. This helps your videos to be more user-friendly. All the things together, i.e., the title, description, and thumbnail, should not be too good to be true and have a human side to it as well. Your audience should be able to relate to it always.

Share the link of the video on different other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract more viewers to it.

Final Words – 

The best time to start your own YouTube journey is NOW. It is never late to work for your ambitions and dreams. If you believe that you want to create a successful YouTube channel, then you can surely make one. There’s no doubt about that. You need to follow these steps correctly and dedicate your focus to them. Always remember that success in YouTube does not come overnight. 

It takes time to build an audience, improve your engagement and generate more views. If you have the patience, your own channel will be on the trending page someday. So, without wasting any more time, start your venture!