Guide on Finding Budget-Friendly Plumbing Services in Los Angeles


The typical plumbing job can cost anywhere from $150 to $450, with plumbers charging about $50 to $200 per hour. Understandably, you may want to cut down on the cost of hiring a plumber and that’s why you’re looking for ways to find budget-friendly plumbing services. 

In this article, you’ll learn what influences the costs of plumbing jobs. You’ll find ways to save money and techniques to find a budget-friendly plumber. Let’s get started:  

Understanding the costs  

While you pay a standard fixed rate for your internet subscription, the costs involved with hiring a plumber can be quite variable. They majorly depend on two factors, including the length of time it takes to resolve the issue. More complex issues take more time. The second major factor is the cost of supplies, which varies based on the quality, brand, supply chain constraints, quantity, and other factors. 

You should also factor in the cost of applications for permits involving different types of repair works. Plumbers set their rates based on their experience, with more experienced technicians charging a higher hourly fee.  

Ways to save money on hiring a plumber   

There are various ways of saving on the costs of hiring a plumber. Let’s consider some of them:   

Perform plumbing tasks that don’t need a plumber  

Plumbers undertake training courses and pass examinations before they are fully capable of performing plumbing tasks. Sometimes you may feel that something is simple and that you can do for yourself. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re not performing tasks that require the intervention of a plumber and approvals. Some common tasks that you can perform include replacing a leaky faucet, unclogging clogged drains (with plungers), and fixing a running toilet. 

Most installation tasks such as installing water pipes, gas lines, bathtubs, new toilets, new bathroom cabinets, and water heaters not only required a plumber but may need a permit in cities such as Los Angeles.  

Carry out regular Maintenace   

Carrying out regular maintenance can ensure that all systems are operating efficiently. You can proactively find and fix mistakes before they become full-blown issues. For instance, during regular annual maintenance, the plumber can check for any signs of hidden leaks or slow drains. They may also check for low water pressure or confirm that the water heater is working properly.  

Upgrading old appliances & fixtures  

Consider upgrading appliances that required frequent maintenance and repairs. It may be worthwhile to consider replacements if the appliance has reached a certain age. For instance, water heaters last for 10 years, and the average toilet has a life expectancy of 10 – 15 years. 

Sometimes, you may opt for an upgrade if the new appliance will make things around your home more efficient. For instance, homeowners in Los Angeles have been trying to save water by replacing old toilets and showerheads.  

How to find a budget-friendly plumber   

Trying to hire a budget-friendly plumber in los Angeles is not all about looking for the service with the lowest rates. Seasoned plumbers understand their value and never undersell their work. The cheaper services may not be quite reliable or thorough with their work. Now, there are some general recommendations you can follow to get affordable services, including:  

Order regular services   

Most plumbing companies may have an extra fee for emergency services. Now, if the plumbing task can wait, it may be worthwhile to order regular services and save on extra fees. What qualifies as an emergency? Any plumbing issue that has the potential to cause property damage if not addressed promptly may require an emergency response such as burst water pipes, gas leaks, or sewer line blockages.   

Prepare ahead of time  

Conducting some prior preparation before the plumber arrives can save you some money. For instance, if you have ordered a septic pumping service, the team will need to access the septic lid. It’s typically buried under a layer of soil, and if you make the lid accessible you may save up to $50. At other times you can save on costs if you forgo the final clean-up after the job is complete.  

Ask for a rough quote  

When you speak to the plumbing team on phone, you can ask for a rough estimate. Most plumbers may need to perform an on-site inspection before offering the final price quote. However, once they show up, they may impose a minimum mandatory fee even if you choose not to go with their services.  

Check their reviews  

Pricing is often a major contention between customers and plumbers particularly if they are charging abnormally high rates. You can take a look at what customers are saying and responses given by the company as well.  

Bottom Line 

The cost of the plumbing job depends on the labor costs and material costs. You can save on expensive plumbing calls by figuring out what you can do by yourself and proactively preventing plumbing disasters. Hire a budget-friendly service by asking for rough estimates, checking their reviews, and opting for standard services for repairs that can wait.