Governor Cooper Signs New Executive Order To Stop Renters From Being Evicted


The Governor of North Carolina has just issued a new executive order to stop renters from being evicted from their homes due to financial hardship related to the COVID-19 shutdown.

Executive Order No. 171 specifically supplements the existing NC HOPE initiative, which pays landlords and utility companies directly in order to keep people in their homes with electricity still flowing.

“Many families are trying to do the right thing, but this virus has made it difficult. Roughly three to 400,000 households across North Carolina are currently unable to pay rent. Therefore, today, I have signed a new Executive Order to prevent evictions in North Carolina for people who can’t afford the rent,” said Governor Cooper. “The result during this global pandemic will be more North Carolinians staying in their homes, more landlords getting paid rent, and fewer utility companies shutting off power.” 

In addition, to help ease housing concerns, North Carolina is funding the Back@Home program, which helps families experiencing homelessness and provides financial relief to some landlords whose tenants are at risk of homelessness.

Read the Executive Order.