Governor Cooper Announced The Formation of A New Branch of The NC Government


Governor Roy Cooper has announced the formation of a new branch of the NC government – the Office of Violence Prevention.

This office is aimed at reducing violence and misuse of firearms throughout the state. It will collaborate with various state agencies, such as the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and local leaders to achieve this goal.

“All of us deserve to feel safe in our homes, our schools and our communities,” said the Governor in a press release. “This new office will help coordinate the efforts to reduce violent crime, tackle both intentional and careless gun injuries and deaths, and work to keep people safe.”

The Office of Violence Prevention will offer training and guidance, share data, promote public awareness, collaborate with research institutions, and seek out funding from both federal and private sources. This is part of Cooper’s ongoing commitment to reduce violence and improve public safety in North Carolina. He has also recently launched a public education campaign to encourage firearm safe storage, vetoed bills that would have weakened background checks and public safety, and called for common sense legislation such as extreme risk protective orders. In 2019, the Governor mandated that state agencies close the gap in crime reporting between state and federal agencies. His upcoming budget proposal will include investments in school and community safety, including the Office of Violence Prevention.

What do you think about the new office?