Governor Cooper Calls A State of Emergency Due To Impending Winter Storm


Governor Roy Cooper has just called for A State of Emergency for North Carolina ahead of this weekend’s major winter storm.

Yesterday, he called the following press conference and said the following;

“This storm comes at a time of year when North Carolinians are hearing Christmas carols about snow and not actually seeing it,” Cooper said. “But this time, the real thing is headed our way – The winter storm is not a Christmas carol snow, it’s serious.”

According to state officials, the Charlotte region can now expect to see between 6-12 inches of snow/sleet accumulation over the next few days;

In preparation of the storm, the NCDOT has prepared 3,000 staff, 2,400 snow plow trucks, and over 135,000 tons of salt to deploy across our state once the snow starts falling.

North Carolina Emergency Management officials are now urging all residents to: 

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