GIS is the Solution Companies Need for a Thriving Business


The modern world is providing a wealth of tools for more effective data management and, as a result, solving problems. While some entrepreneurs stubbornly keep the data generated from running a business in their spreadsheets, others leverage it to gain additional benefits. Geospatial data handled by a practical geographic information system reveals powerful insights for companies, as well as nonprofit organizations. 

GIS mapping by Aspectum is among the most efficient tools for processing geospatial data.  It is a cloud-based solution that effectively performs spatial data analysis. With its help, users generate informative and comprehensive reports with high-quality visualizations. Such reports offer deep insights that ensure data-powered decision making. 

One of the key advantages of Aspectum over other tools is how easily it can be accessed. Now organizations don’t have to set servers that need maintenance and employ the army of IT specialists who process a number of data reports in order to adequately interpret findings. Here, users just open the map in a web browser and make relevant inquiries to receive powerful reports relevant to their business objectives.

The received information can reveal the following information: 

  • Points of interest: discover data about organizations and places. 
  • Environmental: information about ecological situations and weather conditions. 
  • Real-estate: reports about commercial properties and housing. 
  • Demography: data about the current demographic situations, as well as future trends.
  • Transportation: road data with information about flow and incidents.
  • Infrastructure: data about industrial objects and facilities. 
  • Finance: information about bank branches and ATMs. 
  • Competition: research of the companies offering the same or similar products or services. 

Even though the service is easy to access, it offers some powerful features. Firstly, it allows users to customize the styling for better visualization and to easily edit attributes and geometry. Secondly, by running analysis algorithms it allows discovering hidden patterns. Thirdly, satellites, drones or different web services images can be used as a basemap. And finally, with Aspectum, users can share maps via a direct link. 

As for the fields of application, multiple industries can benefit from using the geospatial analysis. For instance, retail can perform geomarketing research. Also, the received data allows optimizing logistics and rationally expanding the store network. Specialists in providing financial services use Aspectum to identify fraudulent patterns and predict risks. Moreover, they use the solution to monetize their data. 

In turn, governments, as well as NGOs, create interactive maps for getting insights about resource allocations, land misuses, and more. Environmental specialists use Aspectum for discovering critical ecological situations and designing effective protection programs to address the identified issues. 

The future belongs to those who know how to work with data. That is why it’s time to tap into its potential today. The experts estimate that the GIS adoption scale is going to grow even more in the years to come. Not only do geospatial analysis solutions create maps and offer extensive reports, but they will also enhance the capabilities of augmented reality and IoT, which is predicted to accelerate their wider adoption.