Gilde, One of Germany’s Oldest Breweries Is Planning 100,000 Sq Ft Flagship Facility in Charlotte


One of Germany’s oldest breweries is now planning on establishing a massive new US headquarters right here in the Queen City.

According to their website, Gilde was originally founded by brewer Cord Broyhan in 1526 when he “invented a new light, top fermenting beer which sparked a beer revolution in Hanover and throughout Northern Germany”. Over the centuries, Gilde established themselves as one of the top beer makers in Europe and they now churn out over 850,000 barrels of beer each year.

Last month, they announced plans to start producing beer in Charlotte and selling it across the US market.

The company first introduced themselves to Charlotte during this year’s South End Hops Fest – which also happened to be the historic company’s first ever appearance at a US festival;

They picked Charlotte as their US hub due to its proximity to the major port of Charleston, our sizable German population, our growing beer culture, and as a poetic nod to Queen Charlotte of Germany’s Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who ruled over Gilde’s hometown of Hanover before marrying King George III and becoming the Queen of England.

Gilde is now working with local Charlotte distributor Adams Beverages to sell their cans in several local grocery chains within the coming months;

By the end of 2019, Gilde will open a 5,000 SqFt microbrewery, named “The Embassy”. The facility will brew small batches of authentic German-style pilsners and hefeweizens to serve in their tap room, while continuing to produce their canned and bottled beer for Charlotte stores in their German plant.

Within the next 3 years, the company plans on opening a massive 100,000 SqFt flagship brewery that will include an authentic German beer garden, an on-site german-style restaurant, and capacity to brew up to 500,000 barrels per year (more than all other current breweries in Charlotte – combined).



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