Getting A Feel Of The Furniture Size Before Buying Outdoor Chair Covers


The type of the chair cover you need is likely to depend on the pattern of using the furniture. For instance, if you have more guests coming over in your patio during the summer and the spring, the worthiest decision is using a good-quality cover to prevent it from wearing down. The decision to entertain the guests stand good only when you get waterproof and stain-resistant covers. 

  • Whether you need to by a cover for the sectional chairs or otherwise, make sure the material is shrink-resistant and comes with a relaxed fit. 
  • If the chair has cushions, you can get adequate coverage for the entire set.
  • You need to measure the length of your chair and the height from the top to the bottom.
  • Try to avoid purchasing a cover for which you may need to struggle to install. Ideally, you need to design a one-piece cover that can be installed and taken out with ease. 
  • It is necessary to use a resilient outdoor cover for the chair such as canvas and polyester.
  • For areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, the covers made from thick and sturdy fabrics may meet your needs. 
  • The shape of the outdoor chair covers need to conform well to the shape of the furniture and need to be waterproof.
  • The polyester fabrics are form-fitting and lightweight, allowing you to install and remove the covers. 

Measuring the dimensions:

You are likely to come across several stores where the retailers sell one-size-fits-all patio covers but you must not feel overwhelmed with those offers. A few of these universal sizes may fit the outdoor furniture sets but if you want the chairs to stay fully protected, investing in perfect sizes of outdoor chair covers may help. Often, the furniture brands sell protective covers as accessories, and it may be one of the best points to begin with,

However, you can also buy the covers separately but it is necessary to find out the exact dimensions of the furniture. Try to measure the height, width, and the length adequately so that you do not end up buying too long or short covers.

Aside from the dimensions of a furniture cover, you also need to consider the designs. For example, if you have an Ethnicraft furniture design as outdoor chairs, why not choose a gray woven chair cover to match the furniture.

Investing in breathable covers:

Today, buying the outdoor furniture covers is as good an investment as the covers as they help in maintaining the quality of the finest assets. The cover installed on the top of the furniture is usually strong and durable, making it ideal for protection during bad weather conditions. However, you need to check whether the chair covers have built-in vents to allow the moisture and humidity to escape with ease. 

Tie-downs are necessary:

While the standard chair covers provide excellent protection from the rain, snow, and sun. They might not be appropriate for high and forcible winds. Therefore, when buying covers for the windy areas where the gusty winds do not allow the cover to stay in one place, you must invest in covers that can be tied down to the chairs to prevent them from being blown away. Once you know how to protect the outdoor chairs, you need to make it a haven for enjoying with the family and friends.