Get Your Dog the Pet Insurance They Deserve


As the saying goes, your dog is your best friend. And you want nothing but the best for your dog, right?

Dogs provide so much meaning to our lives. They have an uncanny ability to make us feel comforted during the hardest of times. They love us unconditionally. They help us manage our stress levels. They also keep us fit and active by forcing us to take them on daily walks. The list of benefits goes on and on.

With dogs providing so much happiness and health to our own lives, we owe it to our dogs to do everything we can to look after their health and wellbeing too. That is why they deserve the best pet insurance for dogs available!

When you get your dog the very best pet insurance out there that is designed to care and protect your furry friend, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can provide them with the best healthcare possible whenever they need it and regardless of how much spare cash you have.

So when it comes time to shop around for getting your dog pet insurance, there are a few key things you should be looking out for. We’ve rounded these up for you as your checklist to have confidence that you have signed your dog up for nothing but the best coverage possible.

  1. It is a simple and straightforward plan  

You don’t want to, nor should you have to, mess around with complicated insurance plans that don’t make sense. Instead. Go for the simple and straightforward plan that empowers you to say yes to anything your dog needs without stressing you out about finances. You will know it is a great plan if it covers your dog when they are sick, when they are hurt and when they are healthy. 

  1. The policy covers at least 90% of your dog’s medical bills 

There is nothing worse than having to ponder about whether or not to go forward with a procedure, medicine or visit that could ultimately save your dog’s life. You know you have gotten the best pet insurance when you know you will get 90% of the costs of your dog’s bills back. You will be able to say yes to anything your dog needs and not have to wrack up thousands of dollars in debt to cover the costs. The best pet insurance will have both your back and your dog’s back!

  1. You have the flexibility of veterinarian options 

The best pet insurance for your dog lets you take them to any licensed veterinarian or specialist whenever and wherever you need to. You won’t have to deal with any insurance forms or processes upfront. Instead, you can focus on the task at hand immediately and know that you will get reimbursed regardless of the vetranarian you have chosen to help your dog out.

  1. Claiming bills is as easy as understanding the policy 

Your dog deserves a pet insurance policy that is straightforward. But you as the dog owner also deserve a pet insurance policy that is easy to claim for! The best insurance options will let you claim online with just a few clicks of a button and get processed quickly so you can get your money back!

  1. The coverage options are extensive 

Where to even start with this one! There is a range of care options that your dog will likely end up needing. This includes everything from skin conditions to digestion problems, arthritis, swallowed foreign objects or food, accidents, surgery, microchipping. But more than just that, the coverage also extends to items like dental illness, behavioral issues and prescriptions. When your coverage options are extensive, you can be assured that your dog will get everything and anything needs to live a long and healthy life.

  1. Your dog an access extended wellness options 

In addition to all the things that go wrong when it comes to dogs, the best pet insurance should also offer you the option to take a proactive approach to your dog’s health. This means helping you get reimbursed for wellness exams, vaccines and lab tests! When you are financially free to take a proactive approach with your dog’s health, the chances are much more likely that you can prevent health complications from arising.

As a dog owner, we already know that you are willing to do anything for your dog. They are your best friend and part of the family! So by getting your dog the pet insurance they deserve, you can ensure they will be well looked after regardless of what life throws your way.