Get Ready for Festival Season with These Tips and Tricks


There is something magical about the start of festival season. Especially after the past few years of festival hiatus, the 2022 season is going to be like no other. Festival enthusiasts everywhere are chomping at the bit to get back into the fun and judgment free environment of enjoying live music with like minded individuals. Whether you are a seasoned festival veteran or if this is your first year attending, here are some of the best tips and tricks you can employ when getting ready for the upcoming season.

Advance Preparations

It is never too early to start your festival prep. The first and most obvious thing you are going to want to do months out is to purchase your tickets. Some of the more popular festivals can sell out as soon as the lineup is announced, so if there is one that you are dying to attend, make sure you and your crew secure your tickets well in advance. This also goes for accommodations and transportation needs. If you will be flying out of your home state to attend, make sure you secure your plane tickets as soon as you have your festival tickets in hand. The further in advance you purchase plane tickets, the more likely you are to score a great deal. The pro tip here is to check for tickets on a Tuesday afternoon. Airlines tend to drop prices for any day of the week during this time so this is when you’ll want to hunt for deals.

After securing your plane and festival tickets, accommodation is next. If you and your squad are planning on booking a hotel or Airbnb, you need to do this early on as well. Hundreds of thousands of people attend these festivals each year so accommodations can fill up quickly for the weekend of the festival. Don’t get stuck with limited or overpriced options by waiting too long to book. 

Once you have the technical stuff out of the way, you can start focusing on preparing yourself for the big weekend. Festivals are all day events that can really take a toll on your body if you are not prepared. Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine if you do not already is a great way to prep for festival weekends. You don’t need to focus on weight loss ahead of the event as your body will look fantastic in whatever fabulous outfit you choose. However, working towards improving endurance and stamina will help you better survive 12-hour back-to-back days in the sun.

The Weeks Before

In the weeks immediately before the festival, you will want to shift your focus to some of the more fun preparations. While it is never too early to plan your festival outfits, this would be the time to start if you haven’t already. When planning your outfits, you will want to understand the vibe of the specific festival you are attending. While the infamous Coachella calls for bohemian desert chic looks, the type of outfits you will see at an EDM style festival for example will vary greatly. Festival fashion is a great form of judgment free self-expression, so any look you put together will work great. Fringe, glitter, bodysuits, platform boots, neon accessories, navy caps, leather, fishnets, or just about anything else goes, so there’s no need to be conservative with your outfit. You’ll also want to have a plan for your hair and makeup each day so don’t forget to pack and prepare to do your own glam for each look.

The Weekend Of

Once your outfits are planned and the festival is finally upon you, there are a couple things you’ll want to do throughout the weekend to keep yourself going. Hydration is going to be the key here. Long hours in the sun coupled with alcohol is a quick way to dehydrate yourself if you are not careful. Packing a Hydro Flask to ensure that you are remembering to drink water between drinks will help significantly. If you are wondering, does wine dehydrate you? The answer is yes. Any alcohol or caffeine you consume will contribute to dehydration. By the second or third day you will probably be clinging to coffee to restore your energy. If you can’t fathom the thought of giving up your morning caffeine boost, try drinking at least two glasses of water before you down any shots of espresso (or vodka for that matter).

Proper nutrition through the weekend will also be key in keeping your energy up and warding off any pesky hangovers. When drinking heavily, you tend to want to reach for foods that taste good but are not satiating in the long run. Focus on foods that are low on the glycemic index to keep your blood sugar from spiking. Things like wholewheat toast, oatmeal, fruit, or a smoothie with protein powder are going to be great options to start your day with. These foods will keep your energy up for a longer period of time and will help absorb any alcohol that you may be consuming through the day.

The last thing that you want to keep up with is sunscreen. Sun poisoning is a real and scary side effect of too much sun and too little water. Not to mention it can totally ruin a very expensive weekend. In addition to drinking water, make sure you are reapplying sunscreen frequently. Also bring additional sun barriers such as hats, lightweight sweaters, and sunglasses. And most importantly, make sure you are taking breaks in the shade if you are in an especially hot climate.

Get Excited!

Follow these tips and tricks for festival season and it is sure to be one for the ages. That way you can focus on enjoying incredible live music with like minded individuals who look and feel amazing all weekend long. And don’t forget to be present because before you know it we’ll be in the 2023 festival season, and getting ready to do it all over again!