Gaston County Students Suspended For Protesting Gun Violence


Yesterday 12 students from South Point High School in Belmont walked out to protest gun violence after last week’s mass shooting in Parkland, Fl that resulted in the death of 17 people.

The group held picket signs and chanted in unison, “enough is Enough” and “it ends here” to passing traffic along South Point Rd.

The students intended to protest for 17 minutes — one minute for each life lost last week;

Each student was issued a 10-day suspension for participating in the protest after disobeying instructions by the administration not to walk out during school hours.

Yesterday’s protest was just one of the hundreds of other protests and walkouts at schools across America;

Several CMS groups have said they will be planning similar protests on March 14, March 24 and April 20.

Update 2/23/2018: Superintendent W. Jeffrey Booker has informed us that they have decided to change their initial decision and not to suspend the students who were involved in the South Point High School protest.