Funding Cut From NC Fire Department After They Refused To Remove Confederate Flag


A debate over a Confederate flag at a North Carolina volunteer fire department building has finally come to a head. The county officially decided to cut funding to the department after they refused to remove the flag, according to KVUE.

The Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly flying the rebel flag above their Troy, NC fire station for years. Their building is privately owned, but they have been receiving public funds their fire trucks and other equipment.

The county recently sent the Uwharrie Fire Department a letter that read, “The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners respectfully asks the volunteers of the Uwharrie Fire Department to remove the Confederate Flag from the building for which they are defacto stewards. We ask you to do so, out of respect for the institution you have so admirably volunteered to serve.”

After the volunteer fire department decided to continue to fly the flag, the county made the move to cut their funding.

The Board of Commissioners now say that the firefighters will only receive money for fuel and maintenance for two county-owned fire trucks going forward. They will be missing out on their regular $20,000 equipment check and their new $400,000 fire truck.


What do you think about the county’s decision? 

Do you think the rebel flags should stay?