Fun at Camp North End, How to Spend a Fun Day in Charlotte


Welcome to Camp North End.

Once upon a time, legendary cars were produced there, on the races of which people could place bets, check out this casino site. Hercules model rockets also were produced here. Now, this open-air space serves as an excellent place for renting premises. This area of North End Camp is a home for creative entrepreneurs and shops. A lot of people visit Camp to have a fun day out. 

What is the best point to start and which of the 40 places to go first? We’ll find it out now!

A large area of 76 acres has been open to tenants since 2017. And now there is a large number of shops, exhibitions, coffee shops, restaurants and other things that you can visit.


It doesn’t matter if you come to camp for a few days or just for one day. This article will definitely give you a couple of ideas on how to have fun and spend your time here.


In the morning we recommend visiting the Bloc Charlotte fitness club. The club offers one-hour workouts for high burning of calories. A great way to whet your appetite before breakfast. Workout includes physical education and exercise equipment. After your workout, you can grab a latte at nearby coffee shops, or have breakfast straight away at local restaurants. Here you will find dishes for both gourmets and traditional breakfast lovers. Just check the number of vacant places, as in some restaurants you will even have to sign up in advance.


At lunchtime, we invite you to enjoy the work of the Charlotte artists and visit the Blk Mrkt and DUPP & SWAT exhibitions. Among the galleries, you can find works of people of different races, and even see some artists in working progress. In the camp, not only exhibitions are presented by artists of different races. Cafes and restaurants are also divided here according to the types of cuisine from different countries of the world. Interested in Latin American food or Japanese ramen? You can find both options in the North End.

For a pleasant afternoon of leisure, we suggest you enjoy sweets at the nearby ice cream shops and read books from the local library. Here you can find books by different authors, including works by Charlotte’s author.

Round off the day with dinner at a local restaurant, where James Beard’s chef is Greg Collier. And do not forget to book a table in advance, as seats are rarely held empty here.

Have a nice visit!