From Fireworks To Themed Decor, Here Are 5 Ways You Can Add a Spark To Your Wedding


Weddings are meant to have the time of our lives! The constant chatter, gathering of friends, families, and loved ones, the great food, a beautiful ceremony, and constant smiles on everyone’s faces make it nothing less than a festival with the best of arrangements. However, at the same time, weddings are so much more than just rituals, beautiful clothes, and guests. 

To have the perfect wedding, where everyone is delighted, is now easy. There are many ways you can put together a fun-filled ceremony for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here are five guaranteed ways to make your wedding an event filled with all the ecstasy. 

  1. Foot-tapping Music 

No celebration is truly complete without some music. It is ideal to hire a troupe of musicians for your wedding. There are unique wedding music bands available for hire everywhere as the sector has been booming exceptionally well. 

You could choose a band based on your ceremony theme or simply a band that you like. Many cover bands cover songs of certain famous artists or bands that you might like. There are also wedding bands that perform a particular genre or style, such as jazz, pop, or classical. 

  1. Scrumptious Food

As fun and joyful, ceremonies are also long and tiring, especially for the groom and bride. Having an array of amazing food at your wedding not only helps you fuel but also lets the guests have a wonderful time. After all, who doesn’t like to feast! 

You could go for a themed buffet or choose your favorite dishes to make up for the menu. For small-sized weddings, people also host a potluck which involves the guests bringing their cooking specialties to the table. If you are hosting a small ceremony involving only your family, this could be your thing. 

  1. A Quirky Theme

Themed weddings have been in trend for quite some time now, but they never fail to disappoint us. People are always coming up with weird and wacky themes for their wedding ceremonies. If you and your partner are nerds about a movie franchise or animated series or want a fun-filled ceremony, you should choose it as a theme for your wedding. You could also have themes such as Bollywood, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc., where guests come dressed as the characters from the series. 

If you prefer not to have such fanciness, there are so many other standard themes you could choose from, like boho chic, vintage, etc., and ask your guests to come dressed accordingly. You could have your venue decor set in the same theme for everyone to have a fun ceremony.

  1. A Scenic Venue

If you don’t consider yourself much religious and may have the liberty to host a wedding outside of your place of worship, try finding venues that can be more fun and allow creative liberty. Look for a picturesque location for the ceremony so that the pictures can speak for its beauty later in the time. 

  1. Thoughtful Gifts For the Guests 

Being a part of someone’s wedding is great to begin with, but receiving thoughtful gifts from your host is a juicy cherry on the cake. If you’re that host, take this responsibility of making your guests feel special to see them shed tears of joy!. The gift could be a personalized one if you’re inviting limited guests. You could even have a local small business make gift packages for your guests, such as dessert or cookie boxes with sweet, personalized messages. It’ll have them walk away with a sweet treat! 

Weddings are occasions of merrimaking that everyone cherishes. While putting together a wedding ceremony could be a little stressful, you must take time to relax with your significant other and make arrangements in a way that everyone rejoices! After all, it is your special day! Shouldn’t it count?