Fresh On the Market: How To Connect With Your Clients Through Social Media


Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter, social media plays an essential role in the development your real estate brand and the growth of your online community. Of course, your mission with any marketing tool is to turn leads into clients but, if you put all your efforts into sales and business promotions, you will never build a strong following. The goal of any social media campaign is to establish your brand’s personality and connect with followers on a personal level. If done correctly, you can form meaningful connections with your followers that will turn into a strong client base. 

Create a Social Experience

The best way to build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction is by providing a memorable online experience. Social media platforms are social networks where users go to be entertained, socialize, and soak up information. If you tailor your social media marketing strategies to meet these expectations, you can build a successful social empire. So if you are looking to build your real estate brand, here are the best ways to connect with your clients

Keep It Original

There are tons of real estate brands utilizing the same social media platforms you are, so it is essential to develop a unique experience with your customers. If you’re reposting the same memes, sharing the same information, and just marketing your services there will be no incentive for your audience to connect and socialize with you. However, if you create fresh, engaging content, teach something new, and add value to their lives, they will hit that follow button and become potential clients. 

Use Video

It is essential to use engaging methods, like producing video content, for example, to share content and information. Relying on only photos and captions to share information about your business can be stale and boring. Video content drives more engagement and revenue, so consider sharing stories, promotional content, and information through videos as well as more standard content. 

If you are concerned about the quality and have enough budget to allocate to video production and marketing services consider hiring experienced freelancers or expert teams in an explainer video production company that have previously worked on projects within your industry. Your time and resources will be properly managed and you will be able to get professionally made and edited high-quality videos.

Don’t Be All About Business

If you are all about business and self-promotion, your audience will lose interest. Social media is supposed to be a fun and entertaining online space. Of course, business promotions and information is important, but it is crucial to pair them with fun and engaging content. Consider posting original memes, inspirational articles or quotes, and interesting videos. 

Ask For Your Audience’s Opinions

Social media users love to engage with the accounts they follow and share their opinions online. One of the best ways to develop a relationship with your followers is to include them in your posts. Consider creating polls on Instagram stories, or post a question they could answer in your comments. 

Show Your Customers Appreciation

Showing gratitude for your clients and your following is a fantastic social media strategy. Customer appreciation can go a long way and create an edge over your competitors. 

The best way to appreciate your audience is to directly reply to their comments and make them feel special. You should also consider posting pictures of your clients closing a deal on a property while thanking them for their business. This shows you appreciate your customers while promoting your services at the same time. 

Give Them an Inside Look

Showing your audience how your business works behind the scenes is a great way to connect your online community. Share videos of you and your team preparing a property for an open house or closing the deal with a new client. Showing your audience how hard you work behind the scenes is a great way to build rapport and show your followers you’re just like them. 

It is All About Building Relationships

Social media is one of the best marketing tools to build strong, meaningful relationships with your clients. Curate your efforts towards your audience by following these tips, and watch your brand and client base grow.