Free Slot Machines You Must Try in 2021


Online slots have been the most popular category of online casino games for quite some time now. Moreover, when certain websites started offering these games for free, the hype around web-based one-armed bandits became even greater.

And why wouldn’t free slots be extremely popular? After all, they give players a chance to enjoy hundreds of exciting titles absolutely free of charge whenever they feel like it. 

If you still don’t understand why so many people enjoy these games in particular, it only means you haven’t played them at all. That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the best free slot machines on the web and listed them below so that you could access them right away and discover all the perks of these free games.

Colossal Pigs

If you’re looking for some of the best free slot machines for the start of your online gaming journey, Colossal Pigs is a great choice. This free slot game features four jackpots and four mini-games, which give every spin a thrill. Also, pigs are known for being a great omen when it comes to coins, so you can expect to see them flying all over the place while playing this game.

The Hattress

The Hattress is organizing a tea party you don’t want to miss. This slot title is filled with free spins and sticky wilds that are more than enough to make your online gaming experience extremely exciting. Moreover, you’ll see how exhilarating it is when the Hattress herself lands on the grid and starts handing out some special perks.

Rise Of The Gladiator

Gladiator stories are never boring, especially when they come with a variety of free treats. If you’re a fan of expanding reels and up to five progressive jackpots triggered by some extra jackpot symbols, don’t miss out on the opportunity to test this slot game.

Frankenwins – Monsterpedia

This well-known monster is back and ready to leave you speechless with both its appearance and the rewards that it brings along. Aside from the regular features, this slot offers some additional in-play games that will bring the whole experience to the next level.

Queen of the Desert

Good old Egypt-themed slots are always popular in the iGaming industry. In case you’ve never visited one of the world’s oldest civilizations, this free slot will take you to the heart of the desert and show you all the hidden gems of this place. So, if you want to meet the queen of the desert, you must check Slotomania free slots — play free casino & slot games anywhere and anytime.

Giant Wolf

Although the majority of stories portray wolves as bad, the Giant Wolf slot will show you that the truth can be different. After only a couple of spins, you’ll learn that the wolf in this game is far from notorious. In fact, it comes bearing gifts in the form of bonuses and multipliers like no other slot characters before.

Clovers and Bells

Maybe slots and other online casino games have changed over time, but one thing never will — the lucky charm symbols coming from Ireland. So, if you feel like you are on a bad streak, maybe you should go with a free slot filled with objects known for bringing good luck. Look for some four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, Celtic harps, and lucky rainbows while enjoying this amazing slot game for free.

Kiss of the Vampire 

This list wouldn’t be complete without a vampire-themed slot game. Stacked symbols are those that make this slot game unique, while the wild comes in the shape of bold red lips no one has managed to resist so far.

Feel Free to Dig Deeper

Hopefully, the list we’ve created will be a good enough reason for you to start enjoying free slot games. However, don’t just stick to the titles we’ve chosen. Go a step further by exploring the libraries featuring these free games and create a new list of your personal favorites.