Four Ways Technology Can Help You Do Business from Your Phone


Being away from your desk can be terrifying. What will happen if an email goes out and you aren’t there to answer it? What if you are losing valuable clients while you’re away from your computer?

No matter your field of work, there are tons of ways you can bring a mobile workplace wherever you go. Try out some of these great new technology gadgets to help you perform more efficiently and conduct business from anywhere.

  • For the Frequent Flyer

Talk about a long commute! Those who find themselves often spending time in airports between jobs don’t have to stay chained to the charging station to stay busy. iPhone charging cases allow for your phone to charge while it is in its case. This means you end up with a full battery for longer, and can work until you’redone, rather than until your phone shuts off.

While you’re hopping from airport to airport, this case can help you stay productive without having to spend hours waiting for a charge. Try out a battery charging iPhone case from Casely to optimize your life and utilize your airport time to get business done.

  • For the Photographer/Influencer

Digital content is a massive field. If you are an Instagram or other social media influencer, photographer, or another freelancer that makes your living from digital visual content, you know the value of quantity. It gets increasingly difficult to find the time to create high-quality posts, images, and more to keep up with your hungry audience and stay ahead of the curve. Using some new tech innovations can make it easier than ever to generate great content and post regularly without having to stress.

Rather than having your professional camera on you at all times, try attachments for iPhone. Ring lights, lenses, and more can be used with your phone so that you can post from anywhere, any time. Maybe inspiration strikes while you’re on a walk and pass a great place for a picture. Rather than have to return later with your camera, you can snap a high-quality selfie now using your ring light attachment and have a postable image instantly.

  • For the Writer

Just like with photographers and influencers, you are a product of your productivity. You never really know though when inspiration might strike. Many writers find that using a keyboard attachment can help them if they get inspired and don’t have a computer on them. All you have to do is attach the iPhone to the external keyboard, and you can write at length without having to strain your eyes and fingers over a tiny keyboard.

  • For the Entrepreneur

Anyone selling goods online can post, advertise, and sell items with the touch of a button with apps like Etsy. This means you can sell clothing, jewelry, books, and more on an online store right from your phone.

This is especially useful for anyone hoping to sell and distribute merchandise for a brand. It’s also easy then to share links directly to social media for customers or followers to support. You can manage analytics, coordinate sales, store shipping information, and stay on top of your orders with just your phone, and you can do it from anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Whatever industry you may be in, technology can help you to conduct business anywhere, at any time. This means that you can stay productive while traveling, or whenever inspiration strikes. Try out some of these gadgets to help you succeed at your job no matter the circumstances.