Four Benefits of Living in a Multicultural Society


Multiculturalism is a fundamental facet of American society. The country was founded on the principle that people with different cultures and backgrounds can coexist in a peaceful and democratic society. From major American metropolises to small towns, cultural diversity is omnipresent. Unfortunately, when people with different systems of belief, values, and viewpoints live together, some clashes are inevitable. The current public discussions about multiculturalism focus mostly on disadvantages, so it can be helpful to remind ourselves of the benefits of living in a multicultural society. 

1. More Lifestyle Options 

One of the major benefits of living in a multicultural society is that the cultural exchange of ideas, values, and habits can help people increase their quality of life. In a diverse culture, you have many options when it comes to deciding how you want to live. There’s an impressive range of opportunities to explore. You don’t have a single answer to what to wear, what to eat, or how you spend your free time. And this diversity of options is what makes the United States so attractive.

2. Increased Awareness of Cultural Identity 

Paradoxically, when you live in an incredibly diverse society, you become more aware of your cultural identity. People living in multicultural communities feel the need to define their identity. They also feel the need to understand the differences and similarities between themselves and others with different backgrounds. Thus, they are prouder of their heritage than those living in a homogeneous society. They also feel generous about celebrating their traditions with others and sharing cuisine, music, dance, art, and not only. As a result, the whole society becomes more interesting and complex. Can we imagine the American culture without the rich additions of the Latinx lifestyle?

3. Tolerance and Open-Mindedness  

A second major benefit of living in a multicultural society is that being surrounded in everyday life by people with different backgrounds and cultural identities encourages tolerance and open-mindedness. In a country with so many immigrants and minorities, and where such a large percentage of the population has mixed heritage, acceptance, tolerance, and open-mindedness are the core values that make the nation thrive. If people feel accepted and valued, they have an intrinsic motivation to contribute to the society that embraces them and affords them the quality of life they seek. An example is minorities that drive progress in business and the public space. 

4. Creativity and Innovation 

Living in a multicultural society means having direct contact with people with different habits, ideas, and lifestyles. This condition is ideal for creativity and innovation. In a multicultural society, you’re always exposed to new ways of doing things and fresh ways of looking at things. A mix of perspectives, talents, skills, and ideas fosters innovation and makes space for outside-the-box mindsets. And this is easy to notice by looking at all aspects of the American lifestyle, including food, fashion, design, art, entertainment, sports, or professional settings. 

Living in a multicultural society can be an enriching experience. Differences in values, opinions, and lifestyles should serve as inspiration for self-growth rather than being a source of conflict. In a heterogeneous country like the United States, embracing diversity is vital.