Former President Trump Coming To NC Next Month To Headline NCGOP Convention


The NCGOP has just confirmed that former President Donald Trump will be coming to North Carolina next month to headline the state’s Republican Part Convention.

He will be speaking on June 5th at the main convention dinner in Greenville, NC.

According to the NCGOP, the convention will be closed to the public and all media personnel. The speech will not be live streamed nor will it be viewable on any online channels.

Some have speculated that Trump might run against Biden again in 2024 in what would certainly be a highly contentious political rematch.

Trump narrowly beat Biden in North Carolina during the 2020 race, earning 50.1% of Tar Heel votes, but lost to Biden in the national popular vote and the national electoral college vote.

What do you think about the former president coming to North Carolina next month?