Former Gov Pat McCrory Says He Decided Not To Run For Congress in NC’s 9th District


Former Charlotte Mayor and NC Governor Pat McCrory has just released an anticipated statement about his possible run for NC’s 9th District US Congress seat this morning by saying he’s not running.

“I’ve come to a conclusion that I am making a difference right now in educating the public and teaching at UNC but am keeping the option of running g for governor or the US Senate,” the former governer turned radio show host said this morning on WBT.

The announcement comes after a tweet he sent out last night, hinting at the possibility of a run;

It has now been 5 days since the North Carolina State Board of Elections officially announced that there will be a new election following a voter fraud investigation over absentee ballots in the 9th districts Bladen County.

The investigation turned up damaging evidence suggesting that Mark Harris knew about the ‘shady behavior’ of McCrae Dowless, who Harris personally hired to help him win Bladen County;

Several Republicans have now announced the possibility of running for the 9th district seat, including former Senator Tommy Tucker of Waxhaw.

Democrat Dan McCready announced he would be re-running for the seat a day after the reelection was announced;

Mark Harris has not yet announced whether or not he will be re-running.

Election officials have not yet set a date for the new election, although many are speculating a primary in May and a general election in October.