Food Network Just Filmed A New Show Specifically For This Belmont Restaurant


nellies-in-belmont-ncThe Food Network just finished filming it’s newest show filmed in Belmont, “Jonas Restaurant: Family Style“.

According to the Food Network, “Family Style follows siblings Joey and Melissa Maggiore as they each open a restaurant in the San Diego area. Joey is opening the flagship restaurant in his chain of barbecue restaurants. Melissa is auditioning executive chefs for her full-service eatery. Will Joey be able to open after he is unexpectedly pulled away from his restaurant? And how will Melissa respond when one of her chef candidates asks her out on a date?”

The popular Belmont restaurant was started by the Jonas Brother’s Father, Kevin Jonas Sr. back in June of this year.

The Food Network show will feature Joe, Nick and Frankie Jonas traveling to Belmont to help out with the family restaurant – it will air at 7 p.m. Dec. 26.