Five Reasons To Move to St Louis, MO


St Louis is an iconic town with something for everyone. From the archway to great museums and the best schools, St Louis is the place to settle down and raise a family. 

Not sure if you should make a move by moving to Missouri? Well, read on to learn five reasons why St Louis should be your new hometown.

1. The Entertainment is Wild!

When you think of entertainment, Los Angeles and New York City spring to mind, but Missouri has a lot to offer in that department.

The state has great shows and attractions in Branson, where you can go see bible shows, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and even ride a roller coaster at Silver Dollar City.

But no trip to St Louis is complete without a trip to the iconic Gateway Arch. The gateway Arch construction finished on October 28, 1965, costing around $13 million to complete. 

The arch was built in order to stimulate the economy and promote the riverfront district.

The arch is the tallest in the world at 623 ft!

So, if entertainment is your thing, then Missouri is calling you, so why not make the move by hiring movers St Louis MO?

2. Living is Cheap

Who doesn’t like living on the cheap? With the current economy, we should all be focused on finding ways to lower the cost of living while maintaining the quality of life we are used to. 

The cost of living in MO is 30 percent less than the US’s national average.

If you are not looking to buy, then rental accommodations begin at around $350 per month and top out at around $2000 based on the area in St Louis you wish to live in.

Fuel prices fluctuate, as is the case for every other state, but you are looking at paying an average of $3.13 per gallon of gas. 

3. MO Has Actual Seasons

If you enjoy experiencing all four seasons of weather, then MO is the place for you! 

And the best part about having four seasons is all the outdoor adventures you get to experience while enjoying the weather. 

With six national parks, including the Lewis and Clark trail and Ste. Genevieve, MO is a great place for history buffs and cosplayers alike!

Imagine trekking through the Ozarks when the temperature is 65 degrees with low humidity. It sounds like paradise if you live on the West Coast, doesn’t it?

4. Tax Breaks!

Everyone loves to hear the words tax breaks, right? Well, if the idea of tax breaks excites you, then you need to move to MO now.

MO is a senior citizen-friendly state where social security income is fully exempt if you meet certain conditions. 

If you are looking to set up a business, the corporate income tax rate is between 4-6.25 percent.

In terms of sales tax, the rates vary but do not exceed 10 percent. 

5. The Food is Great

When you think of BBQ, you probably think of Texas or Memphis, but Missouri has some of the best BBQ in America along with just awesome food in general. 

MO is the best place for BBQ lovers and beer drinkers alike.

There Are So Many Reasons To Move to MO!

There are many reasons to move to MO, but entertainment, cheap living, and comfort are at the top of most people’s lists. 

MO is centrally located and a stone’s throw from Illinois and other great hot spots. 

MO is the best place to live if you want to start afresh in a growing state that is family-friendly and calling for you.