FEMA and Gov Cooper Visit Gastonia To Announce $3 Billion in Funding


Over the weekend, Governor Roy Cooper joined federal FEMA leaders in Gastonia to announce the release of $3.1 billion in funds to build climate resilience projects across the nation.

The press conference was held along Gastonia’s Duharts Creek, where $5.9 million will be allocated for stream restoration and infrastructure protection to help prevent the future flooding of Gastonia.

Increasingly frequent and severe rain events have caused the creek to flood and experience significant erosion along its banks. The new FEMA project will use natural solutions to stabilize and rehabilitate the bank along approximately 8,000 feet of Duharts Creek.

“We thank FEMA and the State of North Carolina for funding this very important project in our City. This funding will help us reach one of our long standing strategic goals,” said Gastonia Mayor Walker E. Reid in a press release. “It is our intention to ensure that our residents and businesses in this area are not at risk for future flooding or impacted by other vulnerabilities that may exist. We also want to protect our environment for the future of our great city and for generations to come.”

In total, North Carolina has been approved for the funding of 10 projects across the state – more than any other state in the nation.

The upcoming projects include:

  • Gastonia – Stream restoration and infrastructure protection along Duharts Creek – $5.9 million
  • Siler City – Blood Run Pump Station Relocation and Sewer Line Replacement – $5 million
  • Sawmills – South Caldwell Sewer Pump Station Elevation Project – $189,000
  • Greenville – St. Andrews Drive Infrastructure Protection and Stream Restoration – $3.45 million
  • Pollocksville – Building Elevations to Restore the Town’s Commercial Corridor – $1.08 million
  • Fair Bluff – Fair Bluff Park Phase 2 – $2.44 million
  • Hillsborough – Resilient Regional Water Supply Project- $1.01 million
  • Salisbury – Water Supply Resiliency Project for Pump Station Along Yadkin River -$22.5 million
  • Fayetteville – Wayland Drive Drainage Improvements – $2.61 million
  • Hillsborough – River Pumping Station Relocation from Floodway – $5.81 million