FBI Discovers Missing Charlotte Teen in Georgia After Over A Year of Searching


Hailey Burns missing in charlotteA Charlotte teenager has been found safe after being reported missing for over a year, according to the FBI.

Charlotte Stories originally reported then 16-year-old Hailey Burns missing in May of last year. She was last seen walking out of her Ballantyne home late at night. Her family members told police that she had Asperger’s Syndrome and did not take her medicine with her when she left.

The FBI even issued a $15,000 reward last month for any information that might lead to her recovery.

31yo-michael-ren-wysolovskiShe was discovered by FBI agents in Duluth, Ga. late Saturday night in a house with 31-year-old Michael Ren Wysoloyski, who now faces a slew of felony charges in connection with Burns’ disappearance including; false imprisonment, sodomy and aggravated sodomy, interference with custody, and cruelty to children involving first-degree deprivation.

Her parents think that Hailey may have ran off with Wysoloyski after he coerced her online.

Hailey is now home safe with her parents in Ballantyne and Wysoloyski is being held in a Duluth jail cell, awaiting his trial.