Famous Desert Maker Sending Elves Around Charlotte To Deliver Christmas Trees


For some, cutting down your own Christmas tree is a necissary family tradition, but for others, it’s a painful chore. Thankfully, King of Pops has come up with the perfect solution for the later – Christmas tree elves!

Charlotte’s famous popsicle maker is now sending elves throughout our city to deliver and set up Christmas trees – bringing joy to kids everywhere (not to mention they also throw in some free popsicles with each delivery).

The delivered trees currently range in price from $55 (for 5 footers) to $95 (for 9 footers).

The popsicle company that’s known for it’s unusually creative flavors and concoctions decided to start the tree delivery service last year while the demand for frozen treats hit it’s annual lull.

So far this year, the King of Pops Christmas Tree Elves have harvested 400 trees, all from local Charlotte area farms.

Each delivery also comes with a box of popsicles filled with some of their most popular flavors.

If you’d like to have some elves deliver your Christmas tree this year, you can go to TreeElves.net, or visit the King of Pops at their South End retail location (2500 Dunavant St.)

If you want to order a tree just go to treeelves.net or their warehouse, which is located at 2500 Dunavant Street in Charlotte’s SouthEnd.