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Blockchain technology is an upcoming industry that has made its way through various fields. Due to its easy accessibility, transparency, and compatibility, blockchain technology has expanded its potential possibilities into endless ones. However, finance isn’t the only industry that is implementing blockchain technology. Several other industries, like gambling, online investments, trading, and much more, are adapting bitcoins as a method of transaction. Another major support for blockchain technology is the introduction of the Metaverse. The goal of Metaverse is to develop into a virtual environment that offers consumers life-changing online experiences. Of course, blockchain technology is essential to the existence of this planet. Therefore, blockchain technology will continue to be useful as the Metaverse becomes more widely used. 

Blockchain Event Highlights

By analyzing various blockchain conferences and speeches, several key takeaways from these events are highlighted. By highlighting various blockchain events, the major breakthroughs and achievements of the blockchain industry can be understood. Between March 17 and March 24, 2023, is “The Paris Blockchain Week (fourth edition),” which was held at the Carrousel du Louvre. This is one of the most recently held crypto events worth mentioning. Several well-known personalities, including the Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lupin, the Binance CEO, and Changpeng Zhao (CZ), have participated in the event. Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum, also discussed Web3 space diversity and the value of decentralized networks in conventional banking. Henri Arslanian, the co-founder of Nine Blocks Capital Management, opened up about unfavorable occurrences in 2022 while highlighting the need for laws and transparency. Another major topic of conversation was the current financial crisis in the United States. 

The CTO of stablecoin issuer Tether, Paolo Ardoino, also discussed the USDC drama and asserted that Bitcoin is the best means of asset security at a blockchain conference. According to him, when events like the FTX and bank crises occur, people rush to cryptocurrency and Ledger. The second day’s highlights featured panel talks on subjects including the Web3 ethos, the development of cryptocurrency payments, and consumer protection against cryptocurrency fraud. A Glitch hackathon will take place from May 19 through May 21 at the Hana Global Campus in Incheon, hosted by Web3 venture studio Trinity. The goal of this hackathon, according to Trinity, is to encourage the widespread use of Web 3. It is a competition where diverse experts, including planners, developers, and designers, compete to build Web3 services.         

Spotlight on Promising Blockchain Startups

Several promising blockchain startups are mentioned on the CryptonewsZ – a trustworthy news and analysis platform. Since its founding in 2018, Dapper Labs has grown to become a market leader in software development and blockchain-based solutions. By using the power of play, they are able to design blockchain-based experiences and digital collectibles that are unique to you and useful in the real world. Their purpose is to popularize blockchain technology, and they have accomplished this by developing creative NFTs and games. 

Their flagship product, Dapper, offers a full development environment for creating Web3 apps on top of their own native blockchain, Flow. With games bearing its name that have an extraterrestrial theme, UFO Gaming is a groundbreaking Web3 gaming company formed by a group of seasoned gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It aims to combine NFTs and DeFi components with fascinating and immersive games. Since most of its games are on the Immutable X chain, transactions are simple, and there are few fuel costs. 

In order to develop a play-to-earn system using hyper-casual games, Chawalit Rugsasri created Nakamoto Games in December 2020. Users may choose from more than 160 blockchain games on this groundbreaking play-to-win and metaverse platform. It is a Polygon-based platform with a huge selection of in-house games, including Night Warriors and Spooky games, as well as third-party games. Nakamoto Games Studio paved the way for other developers in the blockchain game space. These streamers will be in a position to demonstrate to non-crypto native players the joys of Web3 gaming by showcasing to viewers the thrill and fun of our wide range of gaming possibilities, as well as the competitions and social components that come with them. 

Blockchain Technology and its Future Outlook

CryptonewsZ has published information about the future outlook for blockchain technology. The primary factor driving the development of national cryptocurrencies is the potential for governments to gain from increased transaction security and transparency, which may reduce financial fraud. NFTs have quickly advanced well beyond the realm of art. NFTs are already becoming more and more well-known in industries like sports and gaming. Axie International, a well-known game, has utilised the idea of NFTs to allow users to utilise their own NFTs as participants in the game.  As the seamless production and upkeep of accurate, chronological, and unalterable records of digital transactions is the foundation of blockchain technology, it has seemingly endless applications in both machine-to-machine and machine-to-user operations. 

The use of blockchain in conjunction with IoT is anticipated to answer issues regarding the security, scalability, and transparency of transactions as 5G technology is being used globally. The year 2022 is expected to mark the year when blockchain technology becomes more environmentally friendly and clean due to the growing awareness of the importance in lowering the own carbon footprints. Ethereum has already made a trailblazing move by announcing intentions to change its blockchain to a proof-of-stake mechanism in order to lessen its negative environmental effect. A higher level of decentralization, more transparency, and user-friendly access may result from the adoption of blockchain technology in the metaverse. The metaverse is anticipated to become more mysterious while also becoming clearer in 2022 thanks to a number of new initiatives utilizing blockchain technology.


According to various blockchain events, the technology has advanced in various fields and is yet to explore many others with its endless possibilities. It is a simple example of the word infinity itself. The main reason for adapting to cryptocurrencies is their security and transparency at the same time. They are acting as an unbreakable shield for hackers and a simple process to use for blockchain owners.