Expert Advice to Get You More Instagram Followers Today


If you’re searching for one of the most reliable social media platforms to promote your business, Instagram is the go-to place for you. And if you’re not sure how to put the basis of a reliable account, this article can help you. Read on to find out the top 10 essential tips from that will help you to get new followers on Instagram.

  1. Identify the best subject you are good at

So, if you take the time to look at your competitors, you will discover that they use one or two contents to keep up the interest of their audiences. And using distinct visual cues and themes can boost up the effect of the knowledge you share. As an example, if you’re passionate about wine, create a post based on a visit to a winery.

  1. Always keep your account up to date

Instagram is a powerful visual platform. Yet to get those benefits, you will have to allow managing your account from time to time. This means that you will have to share regularly relevant posts for your audience to make them follow you and encourage them to check out what your business has to offer. Our pro tip is always to share top-notch photographs with HD quality. The general rule on Instagram is that if the picture or video you share lacks quality, no one will take the time to look at it.

  1. Craft compelling captions

Look at some Instagram accounts, and you will notice that those with a broad followers’ database take the time to write a story in their captions. So, you can share a photograph and add your thoughts about the image, the experience in it, or how important it was for your brand. Make sure you don’t bore your audience by repeating the content. Use your creativity and originality and surprise your Instagram followers every day. And, of course, add some relevant hashtags so that you make the content relatable to the specific Instagram themes you are targeting.

  1. Add emojis from now and then

If you don’t know already, Instagram is also about having fun. So, including a relevant emoji in your posts can increase engagement for your account. When you feel like words cannot express the actual message you have to share, it might be a good idea to include an emoji.

  1. Create a continuity amongst your posts

Your Instagram account needs to have at least one post per day. But you should never post more than three. Still, for everything to work out well, it is highly recommended to create continuity amongst the content you share. Your audience will become more than interested in finding out about the next post if it connects to the previous one.

  1. Add hashtags

When you say Instagram, you automatically think about hashtags. This was the first platform to use those keywords to increase exposure for accounts. And we can tell you from our experience that posts become more popular after adding a couple of hashtags. It is best to add up to five hashtags and avoid adding more than 30.

  1. Reach out to your audience

The secret to achieving impressive followers count on Instagram comes from answering any queries they might have. Also, buying followers on Instagram can get you access to real accounts that will engage with your content and increase brand awareness throughout the platform. So, you should focus on what your potential customers need, rather than the revenue you might get. Always remember that people tell others about the experience with your brand. Thus, look at your Instagram account as the best place for customer testimonials.

  1. Create a community around your brand

Based on your niche and business goals, putting up the basis of a community can help you boost your exposure and revenues. Allow your followers to share their insights concerning your products and services, and make sure you answer promptly to their feedback.

  1. Use paid promotions

Instagram has plenty of features a business account can use. And one of those is a positive promotional environment. As such, you can create a paid promotion in little to no time to attract new audiences to your account. Our tip is to use videos for your ads, as those have the best results on Instagram.

  1. Use help from other accounts

The beauty of Instagram is that you can collaborate with fellow accounts to exchange audiences. So, make sure you identify the best account for your next cross-posting campaign.

The bottom line

Well, as you can see, Instagram is one of the most reliable platforms to use. And to get you started, you should post daily, include hashtags, and reach out to similar accounts. The goal is to get the attention of new audiences with your commitment to sharing useful information.