The Most Exciting Moment For Panther Fans During Superbowl 51


cam-newton-new-super-bowl-commercialFor any die-hard Panther fan, last night’s Super Bowl match-up couldn’t have been worse. Two of our biggest rivals facing off on the biggest stage. Personally, I was rooting for a tie.

In the first quarter, however, Panther fans did have a reason to cheer.

Cam Newton was briefly spotted playing some football with “The Sharks”, a pee-wee football team where Cam clearly had the advantage.

Our lovable QB starred alongside 33-year-old supermodel Miranda Kerr in a commercial for Buick.

The duo filmed the ad last month at the Los Angeles Zoo. Miranda rocked an electric blue off-the-shoulder pencil dress and Cam suited up in an all-blue ‘Sharks’ uniform.

Watch the commercial again here:

Here’s the official “behind the scenes” video of the commercial in an interview from Cam:

What do you think about the commercial?