Essay Topics on Living Through Pandemic


Due to this novel coronavirus, like most of the people, students are also homebound. Almost all schools are closed and adapted distance learning. Schools are trying to carry out educational activities so that students won’t have to compromise on their academic year.  While schools are learning to adjust remotely, most of the students are assigned tasks which they can carry out easily while being at their home. Most of the tasks are research-related or essays about the current pandemic situation.

Writing topics for college students

Considering the current situation, most of the students prefer to write essays about quarantine life as they can relate to it and easily discuss the challenges they are facing. While most of the students find this situation challenging, some wish to continue distance learning even after the situation gets better. While writing your college essay, you should know its purpose and its importance. Go through some essay examples free as it will add value to your knowledge and will help you to decide the topic which you will be choosing for your work. All those students who are enrolled in PhD know the value of PhD essay and how important it is for them to score maximum in essays to graduate. 

Coronavirus impact on Students

The virus changed everyone’s life at 180 angles. Nothing is the same due to this pandemic situation and most of the people are homebound. It has changed the way people live, eat or play. All mega-events are postponed, which never happened in the past, all the organizations are working from home, and the way people used to socialize or communicate is not happening. Students are missing their schools, their academic life has been thoroughly disturbed and most of them are dealing with uncertainty. A chaotic situation for the most as their parents work and they have very limited indoor activities to perform.

Learning New Skills During Quarantine

All those students who are working on their essays can also discuss all those activities they learned while being in quarantine. All the tutorials are available online and now you have sufficient time to practice and experience new things. You can’t make an excuse about being short on time or the events lined up. Share your quarantine stories and tell what you did to make it purposeful or what tasks you completed, which were pending for a while now.

Effects of Coronavirus on Usual Routine

Students can also discuss the positive or negative effects of coronavirus in their regular life. What was their routine before this pandemic and what are they doing now to cope up with the anxiety caused due to the lockdown. How are they mourning over the mega-events which are canceled due to this nobel virus for which they were doing preparation for over months? 

Living with emotional and Financial Strain

Due to lockdown, economies collapsed in the worst possible manner and a significant amount of employees were fired from work on one day notice. A large number of families are affected due to it and people are finding it really hard to meet both ends. You can discuss the causes of how families are suffering from physical health, financial crisis along with deteriorating mental health. People have zero physical activities and they are emotionally strained too. People being out of pay for the whole year have no idea what they are going to do next and how they are going to deal with this situation. There are numerous aspects that can be discussed in such essays if one knows which notes to hit exactly. 

Struggles of Distance Learning

Although the majority of the schools are shifted online, school is not the same anymore. Sitting in front of the screen for hours is not an ideal scenario. The tendency of procrastination also increases while being at home. Most of the people sit on the sofa or lie down on the bed and just join the online sessions for the sake of attendance. Also, teachers cannot provide one on one help to their students. All these cases would also help you to create a persuasive essay.

All these topics can assist you in creating an impressive essay as you are going through the situation, so making it personalized would add more value to it. There are a lot more essay topics which can be related to the current situation but you need to choose the one which seems best to you.