Elementor WordPress Themes: How They Changed Your Site Building Experience


Why Should You Consider Elementor?

Is it worth introducing such a well-known website builder as Elementor? OK, briefly, with Elementor, you can create any website without knowing any code. All you have to do is drag and drop the modules you need. It’s perfect for designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to create a cutting-edge web resource without any tech skills. It can be a blog, a portfolio, or an online store. Thus, Elementor has been gaining popularity in recent years because of its user-friendly interface, amazing features, and, most importantly, pre-designed WordPress templates. Yes, some good Elementor WordPress themes are available on WordPress.org, where you can find different styles to suit your needs. However, those who want to access premium web designs often purchase them from third-party websites like TemplateMonster.

Such sought-after marketplaces are great places to find stylish templates for business and personal use alike. Additionally, they provide an array of other top-notch web assets like plugins, graphics, effects, etc. In a word, all in one place.

How to Use Elementor WordPress Themes for Your Projects?

Third-party marketplaces are so popular because they offer various templates for different purposes. Whether you are looking for a responsive design, blog section, cross-browser compatibility, or social media integration, you’ll find it all. In addition to that, customers get lifetime support on purchased products, which means you can get help at any time with any aspect of your web design.

Let’s Talk in Detail About All Pre-Made Template Features

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Responsive design is a technique used to make a website look good on any device. In other words, a template-based website accommodates various screen sizes and makes it easy to use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

  • Search engine friendly.

The key to ranking higher in Google is to have an SEO-friendly site. Thus, you can dominate the competition with WordPress themes and drive more traffic.

  • Dropdown menu.

A dropdown menu is a useful, unobtrusive navigation tool. Besides, dropdowns are easy to use on mobile devices and provide an efficient way for users to find what they’re looking for.

  • Blog.

It is a must-have site section to share your thoughts and opinions on newsworthy topics.

  • Parallax effect.

The parallax effect is created by using the scroll action of the browser to give an illusion of depth. As a result, this creates a more immersive and engaging browsing experience for users, increasing your chances of getting them to spend more time on your site.

  • Retina-ready.

The world of high-resolution screens is here. Retina ready provides optimized images for high-resolution screens, making them easier to read and navigate.

  • RTL support.

Traditionally, sites use the left-to-right (LTR) writing format, which is more familiar to Western cultures. However, RTL (right-to-left) support provides the option to display text on the right side of the screen. This format is used to write languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

  • Cross-browser.

Cross-browser design is essential to ensure your website is functional and accessible across all platforms. It ensures that the functionality and aesthetic of your website are optimized for Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Unlimited Themes for Your Creative Projects

Marketplaces like TemplateMonster benefit not only from quality products but also from great deals. And some of them are for life.

One of such deals is MonsterONE, a subscription service for digital creatives. It gives you unlimited downloads of high-quality graphics, templates, plugins, etc. It also provides new products weekly to help you stay on top of the latest trends in design.

You may ask, why subscribe to some program when I can still download products? The point is that if you need to download different designs for your projects frequently, it will be very expensive. And with a WordPress subscription, you won’t need to pay for each new product. You just download unlimited items as part of your subscription.

Compare for yourself:

  • CREATIVE plan: $7.4/mo or $89/year; it includes graphics, presentations, multimedia assets, 3D models
  • ALL-IN-ONE plan: $14.1/mo or $169/year; includes all the same as the previous plan plus website templates and plugins
  • LIFETIME plan: $599 one-time fee; besides all the benefits mentioned above, it also provides lifetime options such as customer support, product licenses, and access to products.

Now, let’s see how much a WordPress template costs: on average, it will cost you $90-100. Let’s say you download one design weekly. As a result, you will spend $400-500 per month. And that’s the equivalent of a lifetime subscription fee, which you pay once for life.

Start Using Elementor WordPress Templates Today to Supercharge Your Website Design Process

WordPress themes are a huge part of what makes WordPress so popular. They are what make your website design unique and appealing to your visitors. Above all, Elementor templates are a way to customize your website without touching any code. For instance, you can change colors, fonts, layouts, and more with just a few clicks. Besides, you can buy premium themes from third-party providers on very favorable terms and get a top-quality product in return.