Eight of the Most Popular Shotguns for Hunting


Regardless of the type of game you are chasing, it’s critical to find the right shotgun to help you on your hunting trips. Thanks to the abundance of options available in the market, narrowing down your options can get pretty tricky. It’s especially true when you haven’t purchased a firearm recently and are unfamiliar with the latest-and-greatest technologies.

Here are some of the most popular shotguns for hunting to make the selection process easier for you. Built for performance and durability, these options help you get the most out of your hunting excursions.

Mossberg Maverick 500

The Mossberg Maverick 500 shotgun boasts dual extractors and two action bars. With its reliable anti-jam shell elevator and easy-to-reach top-mounted safety, it allows you to take timely action without putting your well-being in jeopardy. With various barrel lengths and accessories to choose from, it shines through as the ideal shotgun for hunting.

Winchester SXP

In addition to its sturdy exterior, the Winchester SXP  grants you the ability to take three shots in under 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest shotguns in terms of follow-up shots. The model comes in various barrel lengths and different fits, which let you flaunt your hunting skills in style.

Benelli Nova

With its corrosion-proof steel and polymer design, the Benelli Nova excels in terms of durability. It also comes in several barrel lengths and gives you multiple gauge options. Unlike other models, you can select the gauge you prefer. 

When accounting for the optional features such as additional choke tubes, it can be easily considered a long-lasting investment for any hunting enthusiast.

Remington 870

The Remington 870 prides itself on its extensive strength and its ability to endure any curve balls thrown its way. With a steel-based receiver and sturdy stock options, this shotgun can sustain rugged hunting terrain and harsh conditions with easeeven those that require additional equipment to obtain drinking water. The shotgun’s extensive choices in barrel length and gauge lend to unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

Weatherby SA-08

The Weatherby SA-08 comes with optimal protection against severe weather conditions. With its dual valve system and thoughtful design, the shotgun delivers high-quality results without frequent jamming. It also offers multiple barrel lengths and gauge choices. 

No matter your hunting location, this ensures that your trips start and end without a hitch. Go for the kill during your sub-zero camping excursion without the annoying inconveniences common in other shotgun models. 

Winchester 1300

The Winchester 1300 is yet another speed-shot firearm distributed by the renowned brand. With its fast-cycling pump, the shotgun ensures that you don’t miss out on game opportunities. 

The Winchester 1300’s sturdy build further enhances this quality and allows you to enjoy your hunting trips without worrying about protecting your prized possession: your shotgun. Due to its unrivaled durability, this shotgun is an excellent option for those hunters who want to focus on their strategy, rather than wasting time and energy checking their firearm’s current condition. 

When you pair a Winchester 1300 with other essential hunting gear, you’re sure to harvest enough animals to fill your freezer to the brim.

Stoeger Model 3000

Also known as the Stoeger M3000, the shotgun only comes in a single-gauge model. However, to compensate for this limitation, this shotgun includes additional features such as a fiber-optic sight, allowing hunters to pinpoint game even in low-light situations. Combined with its premium materials, the shotgun proves to be a trusty steed in any hunting adventure. 

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

The Benelli Super Black Eagle II is sought after by novice and experienced hunters alike, mainly due to the shotgun’s overall design, which strikes the required balance between simplicity and performance. When combined with its choke tubes and uniform shots, you can maneuver areas with fast-moving targets successfully. 


By purchasing the right shotgun for your hunting excursions, you can enjoy each open season without a care in the world. Just make sure that all your current hunting licenses are up-to-date, so you don’t run into any issues during your outdoor adventures. Whether for recreation or food supply, you’ll need to prepare accordingly for your annual or monthly hunting trips.