Easy-to-Use Strategies that Every Horse Racing Bettor Should Use


Casual horse racing bettors usually bet on horse racing for the sheer fun of it. Don’t get us wrong, though. Horse racing is fun. Betting on it is even more fun. But do you know what is more fun than horse racing betting? It’s winning! 

Of course, for casual players, winning is a secondary matter as they’re betting on horseracing for fun. However, since you’re here reading this article, we’ll assume you’re more of the winning type. The one that wants to profit from horse racing, and what does a serious bettor need to win his bets? Strategies, and boy, do we have them. 

With that in mind, here are some easy-to-use strategies for the upcoming Kentucky Derby.


If you’ve been to the races before, one thing that often comes up in conversations about horse racing strategies is dutching. It’s the first strategy that everyone considers first, after all, when it comes to horse racing betting. But what is dutching? 

Dutching is a betting strategy that requires you to bet on multiple horses, which means you’re backing multiple possible outcomes but still profiting from it. It works by backing your wager on equal bets, winning at least one, and still getting out with some profit. 

You must know which horses to bet on for this strategy to work. Now, while that sounds easy enough, you must research the horses first, which can take some time.


Another common strategy that both newbies and veterans use is the 80/20 system. In this strategy, you need to back a horse with two types of bet, the winning bet and another bet, for them to win a place. But why is this betting strategy popular? First, you need to consider that every second counts in the race. 

Usually, you’ll see a horse that dominates most of the length of the race but then loses steam on the final meters, only to be overtaken by the other horses. This scenario often happens, which is why the 80/20 strategy is popular. You’ll back the horse 80% for the win and 20% of the rest of your wager to bet on the Horse to win a place. It’s like a backup plan within a bet.

Specialists Betting

If we’ve learned anything in Horse racing Fanduel, some owners just know how to get the job done. You might think, “Why are we paying attention to them when they aren’t even on the field?” While that is true, it’s undeniable that some owners are specialists who know when to back a horse. Note that the owners are investing in the Horse, which means they are in charge of its care, training, etc. 

And the most important part, they get to choose who to hire to train their horses. If you notice that a particular horse has a popular owner, especially on big races like the Kentucky Derby, then that’s a value bet you’re looking at. This is especially true if the owner has backed Kentucky Derby winners and is backing an aspiring winner.

Yankee Strategy

This next betting strategy has been around for quite some time, probably even more than the oldest betting strategies, like dutching. Some people call it the grandfather of all horse racing betting strategies. That said, how does this strategy work? The basic premise of this strategy is that you must choose four horses in various races. 

You must win at least two of the four horses you backed to succeed using this strategy. Of course, this depends on whether you chose the winning bet or each-way Yankee. However, people mostly use the each-way Yankee bet because it’s more profitable. 

A Yankee bet has 11 equal-value bets, including four trebles, six doubles, and one four-fold. This strategy appeals to newbies and veterans because of the huge payout if you win. However, it’s quite situational, so you might want to think before using it.

Lay Betting

Lay betting is the opposite of the most basic principle of horse racing betting: betting for a horse to win. 

In lay betting, you bet on a horse to lose, which gives you a higher chance of winning. This is usually done to favorites less likely to win the race, called false favorites. When you feel like a favorite is false, you can bet on that Horse to win a generous payout. However, just be careful that favorites aren’t categorized as favorites for no reason.

Final Words

Winning your bets is fun and profitable, which is why many bettors do a lot of work to win their bets. If you’re the same, you can do so by following the proven strategies discussed above. They’re proven to be effective, and even long-time bettors in the industry still use them to this day. With that said, may lady luck look upon you with favor.