Easy Things to Keep You Entertained Whilst Travelling with Your Pet


Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s always nice to have your furry friend by your side. But what can you do when you’re on the go and your pet needs some stimulation? Here are a few easy ideas to keep you and your pet entertained while traveling.

Play fetch with them

If you have a tennis ball, bring it along and play with your pet as much as you can before and after the trip. Just make sure your dog doesn’t leave any calling cards in the car!

Be careful about what food and toys you give them before and during travel time – some foods may affect their digestive system, and some toys can be dangerous if your pet swallows any pieces.

Bring some toys with you 

When it’s time to leave, bring some of your pet’s old clothes, boxes with holes cut out for them to peek through, or even a favorite toy. Make sure you have enough toys to last the trip so they don’t get bored.

Account for changes in the environment

If you’re leaving home and taking your pet with you, you have to remember that their day-to-day routine has probably been turned upside down. Make sure you account for these changes with a walk before and after traveling, a bathroom break immediately after landing, and regular feedings.

Make sure you get some me time! 

Let’s be honest, you’ll probably want some me-time at some point during your travels. Make sure you take enough time for yourself during the trip to keep your sanity. Of course, you need to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. However, once they’re calm or sleeping, it’s important you make a little bit of time that’s just for you. 

It doesn’t really matter what you do whilst your pet is sleeping. You could read a book, watch a film, or play online slots at websites like SlotsLV. What matters is that you make a point to do something for yourself every now and again.

Make sure they stay hydrated 

Be sure you read all the necessary information and have enough water or food packed along for your pet during the trip. If they’re going for more than a day without food, be sure to have enough water.

Talk to your pet 

You don’t have to be an animal whisperer, but you should try and keep them calm and happy by talking to them throughout your trip. Let your pet know everything is going to be okay and things will get back to normal soon.

Pet-proofing the car

If you’re traveling with animals, it’s also important that you pet-proof your car. No matter how well behaved they seem, you never know what could spook them during the trip. Keep a trash bag and other supplies in your trunk just in case and be sure all of their food and toys are secure enough that they won’t slip into the passenger area while you’re driving.

Take rest stops 

Give your pet a few bathroom breaks throughout the trip, and make sure they get to stretch their legs.

If you have other pets, bring them along too! 

Bringing other pets might be just the thing to keep your pet from getting bored on the trip. They can watch each other and play together while you look after them both. It might be a good idea to have your pet wear a harness or carry pack just in case, as it will be easier to keep track of them.

Pack a first aid kit 

Just in case things do go wrong, you should pack a first-aid kit with all of the essentials when traveling with your pet to ensure their safety. This includes antihistamines for bug bites and allergic reactions, hydrogen peroxide for cuts and abrasions, cotton swabs, and bandages.

Have a safe trip 

You should be mindful of your pet while you’re driving and keep them in a carrier or on a leash to avoid distractions. Make sure the carrier is large enough that they can lie down comfortably and not get in your way.

When you’re done traveling, remember the stress that a trip can have on a pet. They probably won’t want to go through it again any time soon! Remember to reward them with lots of treats and affection when they get back home, and make sure they get plenty of attention after getting settled in.


It’s important to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during a trip. This includes making time to take care of themselves and being mindful of their health and well-being. Most importantly, have fun! Make the most out of your pay day with this wonderful guide for your next trip with your furry friend.