Easy Decorating Tips for Renters


Renting a home in Charlotte? Here’s how to spruce up your home!

Source: CanvasDiscount.com

Customizing a rental can be difficult if your landlord restricts what you can do around the place (many landlords will rule out a new paint job, for example). But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home that reflects your personality – there’s no need to choose between your decor and your deposit! Putting your own personal stamp on a rented home can be challenging, but there are lots of ways you can upgrade your rental and enhance its appeal without making major permanent changes.

To help you out, we’ve listed a few simple and affordable ideas for turning your rental into a chic retreat you’ll love coming back to: 

Buy a Shelf for Your Pictures

If you want to decorate a room with pictures without making lots of holes in your walls, installing a shelf for your pictures could be a good solution. Most shelves can be hung with just a few screws, and provided your shelf matches the color of the wall it should blend in effortlessly – letting your favorite artwork and photo prints take center stage. They’re also a good option for your collection of photo books. Photo books are full of high-quality prints that you can pull down and flick through whenever you feel like it. A shelf is a great way to store them, especially if you mix them up on the shelf with other framed pictures.

Framed Pictures for a Gallery Look

If you want to give a room an artistic feel, displaying framed prints is a great way to go. And crucially, you can display them without making holes in the wall (with their sturdy frames, they can simply be propped up on a shelf or other surface). Getting your own photos printed is an inexpensive way to buy personalized wall art. Whatever photos you choose for printing – vacation photos, portraits of loved ones or pets, or abstract images – they’ll be transformed into real works of art by the traditional virtues of high-quality printing and framing: displayed in a luxury frame with an elegant pure-white mat board, then covered with a flawless pane of acrylic glass.

If you’re wondering where you can order high-quality but affordable framed prints for your rental, we recommend CanvasDiscount.com, one of the best-rated printing companies in the US. CanvasDiscount.com offers outstanding print quality and a wide selection of beautiful frame designs, all with a best-price guarantee. The entire CanvasDiscount.com product range is made from high-end materials here in the USA, using the most up-to-date printing technology.

Source: CanvasDiscount.com

MIXPIX® Tiles on Your Walls

Another way to decorate your rental with pictures without drilling holes in the walls is to design your own personalized MIXPIX® tiles. These are 8″ x 8″ lightfoam tiles printed with your photos. MIXPIX® come with a special magnetic+adhesive hanger set included free, so you can hang them easily without using tools. And the magnetic design of the hanger means you can pull the tiles away from the wall and swap them round whenever you want a fresh look!

MIXPIX® have quickly been winning fans right across the United States, thanks to their exceptional print quality, affordable price, and unique hassle-free hanging system. Go to CanvasDiscount.com to get your favorite photos turned into fun, creative picture tiles.

Add Some Home Textiles

Updating your throw pillows is the simplest and most cost-effective way to freshen up your living room or bedroom, and a great way to keep pace with the latest home decor trends without making any major changes. Matching pillows and blankets will help you personalize your rental space, creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. There’s a huge variety of designs and patterns available.

Hang Colorful or Patterned Curtains

Colorful or patterned curtains are another great idea for livening up bland walls. And they don’t have to be limited to just the windows either – hanging them across a blank wall (try behind the bed or sofa) can achieve a beautiful effect. Curtains can really change the mood of a room, so whether you want a quiet place for reflection or an energizing space to entertain guests, they could really help create the right atmosphere. What’s more, if used creatively curtains can trick the eye and make a room appear larger (or cozier) than it really is.

Don’t Forget About the Lighting

One of the easiest things to change in a rental is the lighting – and this is a factor that can make a huge difference to both the ambiance and style of a room. If your lighting is outdated, invest in some beautiful standing lamps or other detached fixtures – then you can simply take them with you when you move on. You’ll probably be surprised by how much of a difference a new lighting arrangement can make to the entire feel of your home.

Upgrade the Flooring

Area rugs are a great way to cover up unattractive flooring, and they’ll make your rental feel cozier too. Find a striking rug for the floor and it won’t matter if the rest of your furnishings are quite simple – but you can of course complement the rug design with cushions, curtains, and other accessories in similar designs. While choosing a downy or silky finish will provide an added note of luxury! You can also try experimenting and pairing a traditional rug with contemporary furniture, or the other way round – a mix of the two often works really well. And if don’t want to go too bold with color, consider making a feature of the rug’s texture instead – choosing striking natural fibers can be effective here.