Easiest Tips for Storing Lawn Equipment for the Season


Winter is just around the corner, so you may want to start preparing your lawn equipment for hibernation. Failure to properly store your lawn equipment during the long and frigid winter months may lead to damage, or possible engine failure, when spring comes around.

Furthermore, if you notice any minor defects or issues, you should not put them off until the last minute. Make the necessary repairs before the winter arrives.

Here, however, our focus will be on easy-to-follow storage tips that you can use in order to ensure that your lawn equipment is ready to go when winter ends.

Properly Service All of Your Lawn Equipment

Store your lawn equipment before the snow hits, as snow will complicate matters. You should service and clean your devices at an engine repair establishment in your area. Or, you can do it yourself if you are so inclined.

Blowers and lawn mowers can cost several hundred dollars to replace, so you should try and service them when you have the time.

Keep it Waterproof and Clean

If you want to avoid extensive water damage, then you should dry off your lawn equipment before putting it in storage. In addition, you should only use breathable materials when you are storing your smaller lawn supplies.

Wool or cotton work well for packing lawn equipment, and make sure that everything is sealed very tightly in order to prevent water seepage.

Find a Proper Storage Place

If you want to adequately protect your precious lawn equipment, then you need to choose the ideal storage spot. Outdoor storage can get the job done in some cases, albeit a sheltered/indoor facility will usually be more effective.

Sheds or garages can be used in order to house your lawn supplies, and using a tarp may provide additional insulation. Water can even cause certain appliances to rust, so optimal storage is paramount.

You may also want to try and find a self-storage facility in your area. Storage in Etobicoke is very important due to our notoriously long and cold winter. Etobicoke-based storage facilities are climate-controlled, so your lawn equipment will be kept at room temperature throughout the winter.

Practice Proper Lawn Mower Maintenance

First, you will need to empty the gas tank. You will also need to change the oil of the unit. You should remove the mower blades and set them aside, as they are very sharp. Proceed to gingerly clean the mower and all of its components and attachments.

The spark plug and battery should be disconnected. You will need to protect the lawn mower and all of its components from moisture damage. Engine maintenance is also a must if you want your lawn mower to be fully functional for many years.

Once your lawn mower has been fully inspected, cleaned, and maintained, you can store it in your storage facility until the winter is over.

Properly Store Other Lawn Equipment

It is essential that you remove the oil and fuel in order to prevent burning yourself or potentially starting a fire. You should take the time to thoroughly clean the equipment from top to bottom. The blades will also need to be meticulously oiled and lubricated.

Remember to store your other lawn equipment and appliances in a dry area. Lawn equipment should never be stored with gasoline that is untreated.

Organize Your Equipment

You should find the stablest way to organize your lawn equipment when you are ready to go. The timeline of their utility is also something that you need to strongly consider. 

Your tools should be kept elevated. In other words, refrain from simply leaving your lawn equipment on the floor. Tools can be very delicate, so play it safe and properly organize them in order to prevent any possible damage.

Winter is Coming

If you want to ensure that your lawn equipment will be ready for action when the winter season ends, you will need to properly store them. You will save quite a bit of money in the long run when you take the time to properly maintain and store your expensive lawn equipment.

In fact, you can extend the lifespan of your lawn mower and other lawn accessories by several years by performing routine inspections and repairs. If you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, you can drop them off at a local hardware repair shop.

A self-storage facility in Etobicoke will provide peace of mind, knowing that your lawn equipment will remain in pristine condition throughout the entirety of the winter. You also won’t have to worry about your lawn equipment being stolen or vandalized, thanks to 24/7 CCTV surveillance, individual alarm systems, deadbolt locks, and state-of-the-art motion sensors.


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