Ease Your Medical Expense By The Health Card


With such rapid progress in medical science, it has become expensive to undergo a professional medical treatment program. Major treatment procedures exceed the number of lakhs for incurring the best treatment today. This is where the health card has come up as a saviour for the patients. In India, the Bajaj Finserv health card has become a widely popular mode of payment for seeking professional treatments today.

Whether it’s the hospital bill, diagnostic bill, or pharmacy bills, you can use the health EMI card to pay for them later in instalments. These health cards, especially the one from bajaj, provides a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs. 4 lakhs that can be availed for more than 800 treatments at 5,500+ healthcare centres. You can use the health card to avail the treatment and pay for it later by converting it into a maximum of 24 affordable EMI instalments.

There are several other ways how the health card helps in easing up the medical expenses discussed below. So, check them all.

  1. No Cost EMI Financing For Medical Expenses

Anyone who avails of a health card gets the benefit of some amount of pre-approved credit limit. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv health card offers the pre-approved limit of Rs. 4 Lakh. However, an exciting customer of these financing companies can avail up to four times what the EMI network card offers. If you’re new to the health card system, you can check the pre-approved offer to avail your loan for medical treatment. 

  1. Aid More Than 800 Treatments From 5500+ Healthcare Centres

One of the best advantages of having a health card is the option to avail of medical treatment from a wide range of healthcare institutions across the country by using the credit limit to pay the bills. This helps even a middle-class family to avail treatment from the best medical institutions, including multi-speciality hospitals, dental care clinics, pharmacies, non-multi-speciality hospitals, diagnostic centres in the country without worrying about the expenses. Some of the treatments that you can get are cardiac surgery, diagnostic care, and more. 

  1. Affordable And Manageable EMI Options With Health Card

If you’re arranging for healthcare finance, then easy access to credit through these health cards can ease up your stress. These financing companies like Bajaj Finserv ensures to offer flexible repayment schedules to the customers for unloading another significant stress factor. Their repayment schedule can keep your budget healthy and make you pay conveniently. You can choose the tenure to repay the loan amount, ranging from 3-24 months.

This is the crucial factor in how a health card eases up your medical expenses. It splits your medical treatment cost through EMI plans for protecting your hard-earned savings from getting disbursed all at once for large sums of payments like 3-4 lakhs. For instance, if your medical expense amounts to Rs. 3 Lakhs, your health card will be split into EMI options. If you choose 24 months tenure, your EMI will be Rs. 12,500/m for the next 24 months. 

  1. Family-Sharing Option

 Apart from the no-cost EMI and widespread access to healthcare centres, there is one more crucial feature of the health card. You can extend the benefits and facilities of this health card to your family members. If you pay a single, one-time charge, you can double up your health card to a family health card. It will enable you to finance treatments for your children, parents, spouse or siblings. 

  1. Exclusive Offers, Discounts And Deals

If you avail of the Bajaj Finserv health card, you will enjoy the benefit of complimentary personal accident coverage of up to Rs. 1 Lakh for 1-year. You can check on the wallet of this app to know and avail of the limited period offers and discounts. For instance, you can enjoy up to a 15% discount at Apollo Pharmacy, a flat 30% discount on all medicines at MedLife International, and many more. All of these discounts and offers aim to reduce your stress when it comes to medical bill expenses. 

Ending Note

So, from this comprehensive guide, you must have got a brief idea about health card operations and their benefits. Applying for the health cards, especially the one from Bajaj Finserv, is easy and hassle-free. They offer the instant digital activation feature for the quick and convenient application to the card. Get your health card and avail all the benefits and features for easing up your medical expenses today.