Duke Energy Partnering With Honeywell To Build Carolina’s First Large Scale Flow Battery


In cooperation with Honeywell, Duke Energy has just announced plans to build the Carolina’s first large scale flow battery system at the company’s Emerging Technology and Innovation Center in Mount Holly.

The revolutionary new technology uses non-flammable electrolyte that converts chemical energy to electricity to store energy for up to 12 hours, significantly exceeding the duration of current lithium-ion battery technology (which now maxes out at 4 hours of discharge capacity). The new flow batteries will also be built with recyclable components that won’t degrade over time. It maintains system performance, providing a reliable and cost-efficient system for at least 20 years.

“Duke Energy has followed flow battery technology for a number of years and is interested in the advancements Honeywell is pursuing,” noted Tom Fenimore, director of Smart Grid Emerging Technology and Operations. “Our Emerging Technology and Innovation Center is an ideal proving ground to study this technology. Over the next five years, Duke Energy plans to install almost 400 megawatts of battery storage capacity in our service territory. We have a keen interest in breakthrough technologies.”

Here is how the new technology will work:

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