Dr. Saeed Khan Dedicated to Helping Okeechobee & Jupiter Residents


Dr. Saeed Khan has been an internist for over 40 years.  His dedicated team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants have been treating internal medicine patients for nearly 22 years in Okeechobee, FL. An internal medicine doctor treats and diagnoses adult patient’s illnesses. Before the pandemic hit. Dr. Khan’s teamsaw patients at the office in Okeechobee, Florida. Due to the dangers of Covid-19, Dr. Khan and his team had to change their strategy when it came to diagnosing and treating patients. Due to the contagious and possibly fatal nature of the virus, Dr. Khanoffice began using telemedicine to initially meet with his patients. Telemedicine involves meeting with patients virtually using technology to help treat and diagnose illnesses. Dr. Khan and his team have made it a standard practice to screentheir patients for the virus before allowing them to be treated in office. Dr. Khan and his team understand that many of the patients in the community are elderly or at higher risk due to health issues.

Dr. Khanalso functions as an educational staff member at Florida State University’s College of Medicine. He has now completed 10 years of service, working with 3rd and 4th year medical students to teach them about internal medicine. This program allows students to get valuable experience by working directly with Dr. Khan and his internal medicine team. FSU recognizes Dr. Khan’s hard work and dedication to his students which is why they recently presented him with an award for all his achievements at the college. Dr. Khan loves his community in Florida.