Donations Flood Charlotte’s Famous ‘Lang Van Vietnamese’ Restaurant Amid Financial Struggle


The City of Charlotte is now banding together to save one of the most cherished eateries in the Queen City.

Yesterday morning, rumors began to spread that Lang Van Vietnamese restaurant may be shutting their doors due to financial hardship.

The Charlotte community then sprang into action.

The Neighborhood Theatre posted about the situation on their Facebook page and asked all their followers to “drop by and show em some love and get a great meal” – the post has now been shared over 1,100 times.

Charlotte resident Carly West decided to take things one step further and launch a GoFundMe campaign to directly help the owner and her family.

In the campaign, West says, “I just can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the best Vietnamese cuisine outside of Vietnam ever again. I know many others feel the same, so please, let’s show the owners and employees how much they mean to us!” 

In less than 1 day, the campaign has already raised over $23,000. West notes in the campaign that she will be talking to the owner today to “input her information to withdraw the funds directly.”

Lang Van first opened in 1990 by No Duong and was sold to Dan Nguyen in 2004, Dan, her husband, and her 2 children have since become one of the most beloved restaurant owning families in the Queen City.

Food blogger ‘Lutterman Eats’ talks at length about why Lang Vans is so famous and what makes them unique:


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Ask any Charlotte native what their favorite Vietnamese restaurant is and 9/10 times you’re going to hear Lang Van. But, if you ask those SAME people what they order at what is often their favorite restaurant? Odds are you get a blank stare. Why? Because they first come to Lang Van for the food but they come back for the owner. The owner that’s well known for taking orders and then getting you something she knows you’ll like better instead. She is, I dare say, the most beloved restaurant owner in the 704. This is her story. 🔹 An “Dan” Nguyen arrived in Charlotte from Vietnam in 1999. She had no place to live, no job, and didn’t speak a word of English. Walking around Charlotte looking for a job, she eventually found Lang Van, owned by another man at the time. He took a chance on her. Over the next five years, some of which she’d spend living in a car, she worked her way up at Lang Van and when the owner went to sell, she was first on the list. It took her from 2004 to 2009 to pay off the restaurant and become full time owner. Now, her husband is the chef and her two kids work front of the house, a true family affair. 🔸 Throughout all of this, she’s held the same mantra – make the customers happy. And that attitude has made her a figurehead of the Charlotte community. Everyone I talk to about Lang Van (which is a lot) says some version of “I’m friends with the owner, she has my order memorized!” or “Oh I love that place, they gave me a bottle of wine for my birthday!” or the common “she always gives me a hug.” You might notice the green beer bottle in the picture, one of the four beers she threw into our order telling me to “make sure I said hi to mom and dad!” Did she really remember who I am? Probably not. Did it make me feel like I was special? Damn right. No matter who you are, An makes sure you leave Lang Van feeling important, remembered, special, cared for, and most of all- full of good food. And that’s what keeps us coming back. 🔹 If you have a memory, favorite dish etc. about An or Lang Van please drop it in the comments. Or do one better and go get some take out. They’re hurting badly, like so many, and now is the time for us to return the favor.

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Please consider stopping by Lang Vans this weekend, and please help spread the word!