Does PayID Allow Online Gambling in Australia?


Paying for goods and services online is convenient but challenging to most people because they have to share personal details. Many online customers prefer not to share these details but enjoy the same degree of convenience.

As John Gold of BetPokies says, PayID makes this dream a reality by providing a fast, reliable, and secure way to send and receive payments. Instead of giving out your names and bank account number, you give out your PayID identifier. The PayID identifier can be anything linked to your bank accounts, such as your email address, mobile number, or ABN.

How Does PayID Impact Gambling in Australia

Now that you know what PayID is let’s go back to the main topic for this article. Does it support online gambling? Yes, the number of PayID casinos has been steadily increasing over the last year. The benefits the online casino and users get are the two primary factors that fuel the growth.

It’s legal to participate in online gambling by using PayID as your deposit or payment option. Here is an overview of the benefits of using PayID when gambling online. Some of the best PayID casinos in Australia include;

  • Bizzo
  • Rolling Slots
  • Slottica
  • Red Dog
  • El Royale
  • Lucky Tiger

Low Risk of Sending to the Wrong Casino

Hundreds of PayID casinos today allow Aussie players to deposit and withdraw funds using the service. Unlike before, when players would send money to the wrong account by typing the wrong account number, PayID eliminates that risk by showing you the recipient’s details before you finalize the transaction.

It helps you confirm that you are paying the right amount to the correct PayID casinos.

Instant Processing

Online casino players prefer platforms that process deposits and withdraws instantly. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible due to the conventional infrastructure. Crypto casinos offer instant transfers, but the entry of PayID made it possible for other casinos that accept fiat current also to process transactions fast.

Only the first transaction may be held by the back for 24 hours to confirm that it’s legitimate. Other transactions are instant, so you never have to wait days for your money to reflect in your PayID casinos or bank account.

Easy to Use

Opening a bank account or an account on online portals such as PayPal is a complicated affair. You are often required to submit multiple identification documents, which usually take days to verify the account.

PayID is different in that it simplifies the registration process. You can easily set up your PayID identifier and link it with your bank in less than two business days. However, the duration depends on your bank, with some taking up to three business days to complete the process. Also, confirm that the casino accepts PayID payments before you initiate the process.

No Subscription Fee

Even though some PayID casinos charge a fee per transaction, PayID does not charge any fees. The fees are collected by the casino and not the official PayID Company. Thus, if you deposit AUD 100 to your casino, you will receive AUD 100 in your casino account.

More importantly, PayID does not charge a subscription fee. Irrespective of how often or the amount you send to the PayID casinos, you will never be charged for it.

100% Secure and Safe

PayID uses the security infrastructure put in place by the bank to offer the payment service. Therefore, the chances of funds getting lost to hackers are nil. Simply put, PayID relies on the security of your financial institution to make it possible for you to send and receive money from the different accredited PayID casinos in Australia.

Robust Fraud Protection

NPP, which runs PayID, is best known for having the highest and most robust data security protocols. The entire system is monitored round the clock by a team of experts to detect and prevent any fraud attempts.

Besides, the casinos that accept PayID payments are verified and legally certified to operate in the country. As mentioned earlier, you will see the casino’s name that will receive the funds before you complete the transaction.

Reduces Lost Payments

In the past, online casinos lost thousands of dollars sent to the wrong persons due to errors when typing the player’s credentials. PayID eliminates that list by giving you a chance to confirm the details before you send the funds. The casino enjoys better cash flow and customer interactions as they worry about sending funds to the wrong person.

Accepted in Australia

PayID is accepted throughout Australia, and not only online casinos can use the service but also businesses and organizations. 


Consider joining PayID casinos today to enjoy fast and convenient deposits and withdrawals. Make sure you confirm the casinos’ legitimacy before joining by checking their reputation and licensing. Also, check the bonuses offered and the additional payment options available. Note that some only allow Aussie players to use PayID for deposits and not withdrawals.

If you have a gambling addiction, seek a professional by calling the toll-free gambling helpline 1800 858 858.