Does Accurate Automated Transcription Exist?


Transcription is essential for every company. This is because it helps people with disabilities to understand and digest information faster. For example, if your company includes people with hearing impairments, it will help them a big deal. 

With transcription, there are provided with captions where they can read and catch up with what is being said. This way, they are not left behind. Most people that want to start using transcription during events will always ask if accurate automated transcription exists. Here are essential things you need to know about automatic transcriptions.

How Long and How Much?

Knowing how much time an automated transcription takes is significant. When using an excellent automated transcription service, it is possible to take only five minutes to transcribe thirty-minute audio automatically. Transcribing audio of thirty minutes for only five minutes costs only 25$ cents per minute. 

This means that you will be paying approximately $ 3.00 for the whole audio. This is relatively affordable since the results are usually accurate. Also, it is pretty cheaper since, while using an accurate ai transcription service, you will take five minutes to transcribe five-minute audio. A professional transcriptionist might take one hour to transcribe the same audio.

What does it take?

The truth is that you are the one who will make your automated transcription accurate or not. You must stay accurate to ensure that you are correct, helpful and professional. Also, I am pretty sure that you do not want to give wrong information, especially to those who have hearing impairments, because your transcription is wrongly done. 

You need to ensure that you have quality hardware solutions that offer transcriptions in many languages. Also, to ensure that your automated transcription is accurate, you need to use the best transcription services. Accurate automatic transcription will only exist if you have the required devices and get quality services.

How does it Work?

The technology used in automated transcriptions is mainly based on the accuracy of artificial intelligence. This is because this type of transcription relies on automatic speech recognition machines. These are machines that are based on artificial intelligence. 

The devices can be used to transcribe both live and recorded audio. How does the ai transcription work? Automated transcription uses speech-to-text advanced technology to transcribe. Advanced technology listens to the audio and converts it into text immediately. Automatic transcriptions use complex technology to ensure that they deliver accurate results.

How you can submit audio for automated transcription

There are a few simple steps that you can use to transcribe your audio automatically. After choosing your preferred automated service, these are the steps you should follow:

Create an account

The first thing you need is to ensure that you have an account. Sign up for your preferred automated service. After doing this, you can make orders for as many transcriptions as possible. The exciting thing is that some automated transcription services will give you a free thirty to forty-five minutes trial.

Make clear Recordings

Most automated transcription services promise at least 80% accuracy. However, you need to note that accuracy will be determined by how clear your recording is. You can ensure that your recording is clear by recording indoors and providing no background noises. Also, ensure that you speak clearly in the microphone.

Upload the file

Once you have ensured that your recording is clear, the next thing to do is upload your file. Uploading a file is very simple. All you need is to follow the prompts and click the ‘get started button’. Remember that your audio needs to be in English strictly. Also, you can make more than one upload.


After your file has been uploaded, you will be given an estimated time that your transcription will take. You will also be given the cost of the job.


It is important to note that automated transcriptions may have a few errors. That is why you will find an added transcript editor. Here you are allowed to review and edit your transcription.


After confirming that your transcript does not have any errors, it is now time to export it. You can export it as plain text or even as a PDF document.


Most people will have doubts that accurate automated transcriptions exist. This article has provided you with vital knowledge you need to know about automated transcriptions and how you can submit one.