Doctors Warning #SunBurnTattoo Challenge Can Be Extremely Dangerous


There is a dangerous new viral trend growing in popularity this summer – the #SunburnTattoo challenge.

An increasing number of social media posts now include images of shapes, words like “ThugLife” and “Happy”, and initials temporarily ‘burned’ onto their skin.

Inked Magazine dubbed the fad the latest trend to hit social media, with one person even attempting to tan the Mona Lisa to his chest.


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The #sunburntattoo challenge has began!

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The majority of people taking the challenge use temporary tattoo stencils to cover parts of their body with a small design, layout in the sun, then post the resulting creation on social media.

There are even companies attempting to capitalize on the dangerous new trend – most notably, “FunTanTattoo”;

Like many recent social media trends, the #SunBurnTattoo challenge can be dangerous.

“In order for the stencil, or tattoo, to be apparent, you would have to damage the surrounding tissue enough that it either tans heavily or burns,” said MD Rachel Nazarian, a New York–based dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD). “Both tanning and burning the skin is detrimental to your health; they’re signs that the skin is receiving ultraviolet radiation with mutating potential, which increases your risk of developing skin cancer and accelerates skin aging, meaning more wrinkles, sun spots, and loss of collagen, which causes sagging skin,” she added.

Instead of getting sucked into the latest viral fad, experts recommend beachgoers apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going into the sun. An SPF of at least 15 is recommended, with reapplication every 80 minutes.