Do You Know What The Difference Is Between Men’s Vs Women’s Glasses?


Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can go into a shop to put on eyeglasses and then find that they suit your frame at all? If you’ve ever been in this perplexing scenario, you’re not alone. It’s common for you to struggle to identify whether a pair of glasses is for men or women. The thing is, there are differences between men’s and women’s glasses.

A lot of people, including you, can’t tell the difference between men’s vs women’s glasses. Even though you do find glasses that are unisex, you still want to ensure that you pick a pair that will enhance your facial features as best as you’d like to. If you don’t want to be confused the next time that you choose your pair of glasses, you should keep on reading.

What are the Main Differences?

If you don’t mind unisex glasses, then that’s okay. But, if you love to look feminine or macho based on the glass frame that you choose, then these common differences should be beneficial for you.

1. The size of the frames

If you want to know whether someone was born male or female, you should take a look at their facial features. According to studies, men and women have a physical makeup that ensures that they have different facial structures. This means that there are many things that are designed to be gender-specific for this reason. This is the case with your eyeglasses. They are generally designed according to the facial features of men or women, depending on who will wear a pair, they might have a longer bridge or a shorter one.

2. Shape of the frames

If the size of your frame doesn’t convince you that your eyeglasses can be designed for a specific gender, then you should consider looking at their shape. When you look at the frames that are designed for men, you’ll notice that they tend to be more square-shaped. Conversely, women’s glasses tend to be more oval-shaped or rounder. They even have common shapes such as cateye styles. These are designed to give their faces a softer look.

3. The color of the lens

Color is usually the most common way that you can tell if something is designed for men or women. Even though this perception is flawed because nowadays, more men wear colors that were traditionally associated with women, some designers still use it as a differentiator. If you look around you now, you’ll notice that the reds, pinks, and purples are generally worn by women. On the other hand, you should notice that the surrounding men prefer to wear darker colors like navy, black, and even gray. The fact is that the designers behind each frame tend to target stereotypical personalities when they’re designing their products.

Unisex Frames to Choose

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind having subtle differences in your frame, then these common unisex trends can be a good choice for you.

  • Cateye glasses
  • Aviators
  • Angular eyeglasses

In summary, you should be fine with wearing either frame. But, if you’re particular about your features and want a feminine or macho look, then knowing these differences should be helpful to you in the future.