DIY Home Cleaning Tips That Save Money


Have you ever wondered what could you possibly do to save precious time and money while cleaning your home? The obvious answer is using a series of DIY home cleaning products that you can make using cheap ingredients you would normally find inside your fridge or pantry. If, however, you have never actually taken the time or interest to put any of these DIY ideas into practice or one reason or the other, today might just be the day. 

Read these next few DIY home cleaning tips and decide for yourself if adopting such a strategy is a good idea that would actually work for you or not.

DIY Tips For Cleaning Stained Shower Heads

Shower heads are probably some of the most annoying areas around the bathroom to clean since they are used on a daily basis and will usually get covered in a lot of grime as soon as you are finished using them the next day. Unfortunately, most people do not notice the grime problem or choose to ignore it until it is too late and they are already dealing with water blockages. All you need to do to fix things the easy and cheap way is to fill up a clear sandwich bag with a simple mix made of lukewarm water, lemon, and vinegar, tie it as tight as you can around the nozzle and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then, use a lean cloth to remove the dirt residue.

You could also try this DIY home cleaning tip for your tile and grout areas inside the kitchen and bathroom or access the website of a professional cleaner in town and have these surfaces and all hard-to-reach areas cleaned by professionals every few months. If you live anywhere in NY, you could get n touch with the guys at for quick, reliable, ad affordable services and thank yourself later. Maintenance will be done a lot easer and with less effort and you will have to tackle other cleaning chores in the meanwhile.

Simple DIY Microwave and Oven Cleaning Solutions

Cut up some fresh lemons, out them in a bowl and add some water and apple cider vinegar in it. Set the microwave on full power for several minutes and let the natural steam forming from the bowl do all the cleaning for you. It should get you rid of nasty odors, while also removing old and stubborn spillage stains and old food stuck on the walls of the microwave. Just use a clean cloth to easily wipe away the rest of the stains and grease.

As for the kitchen oven, this is probably one of the most demanding and dreadful cleaning tasks for all people, and for good reason. The amount of grease that get piled up in there often times requires you to spend at least an hour scrubbing and wiping. Instead of spending your precious time using toxic over-the-counter cleaning products, try to make your own DIY oven cleaner using the following simple ingredients: apple cider vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and dish soap. This is one of the strongest and most effective grease removers you will have the chance to use, as a fraction of the cost of your regular oven cleaning supplies.

Freshen Up Your Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

If you are torn between having your home and all the fabrics in it smell fresh and pleasant every day, and the fear of inhaling toxic fumes om the chemical substances inside most fabric freshens sold on the market, think again. You can simply sprinkle some baking soda over your sofas, upholstered chairs, mattresses, and carpets and remove the nasty odors, and a mix of water and all-natural fabric softener to make your own fabric fresher at home.