Dive into fun: Explore Dubai’s Best Waterparks and Theme parks


Dubai is known for its glamor, but did you know that it’s also home to some of the most amazing theme parks and water parks in the world? Whether you’re an adventure seeker or you are just looking for a place to cool off, I can guarantee that there is something for everyone in this incredible city. 

As mentioned before, Dubai has it all, it doesn’t just have amazing towers and flashy malls, as it is most known for its over-the-top luxury and its themed parks are no exception! As it offers a wide range of experiences from immersive virtual reality to adrenaline-pumping experiences and interactive exhibits. As for the water parks, Dubai is most known for its extravagance especially when it comes to waterparks, as it has one of the most famous thrilling rides in the world which made it the ultimate destination for water adventure seekers. Dubai houses a variety of water activities starting from thrilling roller coasters to lazy rivers.

Top 5 Themed Parks in Dubai:

Dubai Parks and Resorts

It is a massive complex that is home to 4 themed parks; Legoland Dubai, Legoland Water Park, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Motiongate Dubai. Legoland Dubai and Waterpark are designed for children from 2 to 12 years and offer attractions and rides based on the popular Lego toy brand. Motiongate Dubai features attractions based on bringing the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to life through immersive attractions. Bollywood parks celebrate the vibrant world of Indian cinema, it is divided into five themed zones based on different Bollywood movies and genres, the zones are; Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film Studios, and Rustic Ravine.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This indoor theme park is home to over 20 rides and attractions, it features some themed zones including Marvel, IMG Boulevard, and Cartoon Network. The top 3 most popular rides in IMG are the Haunted Hotel, the Thor Thunder Spin, and the Velociraptor roller coaster.

The Green Plant

Get ready to be transported to a lush tropical paradise as this indoor rainforest is one of a kind, it is home to over 3,000 animals and plants. There are a few highlights of the green planet such as the stunning tree canopy, it is home to a lot of animals and plants. The bat cave is also amazing as you get to see hundreds of fruit bats flying over you.

VR Park

This theme park is like no other, it has revolutionized the way we used to experience virtual reality. The park is filled with cutting-edge VR technology high-end headsets and motion-controlled gaming systems. You can also battle your friends through the Hologate VR experience.

The Last Exit

Buckle up and prepare to be blasted in this themed park that is designed to look like a classic American gas station, so you will go back in time and step into a different era. There is an adventure zone that includes adrenaline-pumping games like zip lines, a rope course, and a climbing wall. There is also a drive-in movie theater. 

Top Trending Water Parks in Dubai

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark is considered one of the most non-stop fun destinations in Dubai. It features over 30 rides. The Jumeirah Sceirah is one of the most iconic attractions there, it is a high-speed water slide that drops the riders from a very high place (33 meters). The next famous ride drives your adrenaline crazy, the Tantrum Alley, it is a series of water slides that turn through a lot of tornadoes that test how brave you are!

Aquaventure Waterpark

This is a must-visit destination! It is located at Atlantis, The Palm, this waterpark includes the world-famous Leap of Faith slide and the Aquaconda which is considered to be the world’s largest slide. In addition, there is a wave pool that creates very high waves and a lazy river that takes visitors through a very exciting tour and gets them to pass by a variety of attractions.

Laguna Waterpark 

If you considered going to Laguna water park, then you better prepare to be blasted! It is located at La Mer beachfront in Dubai. There are a lot of interesting and exciting rides in this park such as; Surf’s Up wave simulator, you will get to surf on actual waves. This waterpark features famous water slides, including free fall, a very high-speed slide that takes the visitors to a 180-degree loop. The constrictor is a slide that takes riders on a high-speed ride through a series of tight turns.

A Must-Try Water Activities In Dubai

Dubai is most known for its stunning beaches and a variety of water activities that are suitable for all preferences and ages. These are some of the most exciting and popular water activities in Dubai:

Jet skiing

There is no better way to explore Dubai’s stunning coastline than jet skiing! Dubai has a lot of rental companies that offer jet skis for rent at the beaches and marinas. Usually, you will be under supervision by experienced instructors.


Dubai is the ideal destination for parasailing enthusiasts, as it allows you to soar above the city’s beautiful coastline and see breathtaking views and the iconic landmarks of the city while being towed by a boat. Many companies offer parasailing tours with experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment.


This interesting water activity will allow you to soar above the waves like a superhero! 

Flyboard water activity involves riding a board with high-pressure water jets, and the board is connected to a hose that is connected to a jet ski. Whether you are a professional or a first-time flyer, you will be able to perform thrilling tricks. 

Banana Boat

Make the most of your visit to Dubai and hop on a banana boat! It is an inflatable boat shaped like a banana and is towed by a speed boat. You can enjoy this bumpy and exciting ride with your family and friends.