Design and Marketing. Do They Need Each Other?


Do you need an in-house designer or can you get by with outsourced specialist companies or freelancers? Can a designer help the marketing department? The answers to these and some other questions will try to be described in this article.

Undoubtedly, the original design — is an integral part of marketing in any company. Development and coordination of the design of any post-materials, logo, interior decoration — this is the direct purview of the marketing department. Naturally here without a designer will not do. In general, the role of a designer in any company is huge. Let’s look at market leaders, a key element of their success is an excellent design. Design is also at the heart of any brand.

Is there a need for a designer in the marketing department?

The answer to this question depends on several factors:

Firstly, how often your company needs the help of a designer. If you spend once a year on some marketing campaign, which requires printing a leaflet or poster, in that case, your own designer is not necessary. One-time services of an outside designer will cost much less, and you may use templates to check their work. In this case, you may find free business card mockups here. However, if you regularly need to develop new designs, various brochures, flyers, banners and navigation, and much more, in which case an in-house designer who understands the specifics of your business you just need. Payment for the development of design layouts will cost much more than the monthly salary of a specialist, while your employee can be charged with several other responsibilities not related to design, but very useful for marketing.

Secondly, there is a huge dependence on the approval process and how often the manager’s mood changes. Independent designers usually provide a limited number of options and make at most a couple of adjustments to the accepted layout. Later on, if you decide to change something, you will be charged accordingly. Sometimes it happens that the approval process takes a few weeks or even months of heated discussion and making new amendments. As a result, the original layout can be changed beyond recognition. And the changing mood of the head, in general, is an unpredictable thing. This layout just makes you have to keep the designer in the marketing department.

Thirdly, why a designer is desirable in the marketing department. Marketers, as well as designers, are creative people — ideas arise unexpectedly and often. And the presence of a designer, who is always around, is just very convenient. It is easier for a designer to understand what marketing specialists want from him.

Can a designer help marketers?

Undoubtedly. A designer with extensive experience in the same company develops a definite understanding of what a picture should look like. Based on the request, a qualified designer who knows his business can immediately say what will be appropriate and what won’t. When the designer is “at hand”, you can not waste a lot of time to understand whether the idea proposed by the marketer or immediately cut it off and think in a different direction.

It seems to me that a designer is just an invaluable member of the marketing department. Although there is still a price to pay — it’s a monthly salary. But the help you can get is difficult to estimate.

About the designers, I think that’s enough for now because I’ve praised them a lot. I will finish it here. See you on the blog and have fun with your marketing.