Déjà vu With Game Postponements


It’s safe to say it’s been an interesting couple of years for the biggest sporting events around the year, and despite things largely returning to normal with stadiums filling up with fans and odds for the latest options as punters. Check this site Oddsninja com for the best odds, it doesn’t seem the disruptions have come to an end just yet as a new round of postponements and cancellations have started, and some frustrating déjà vu for sporting fans hoping not to see any disruption to their sporting favorites.

Currently the UK seems to be the hub for these cancellations once more with outbreaks occurring in different football teams across the country, at first it was just a couple of Premier League games throughout early December, but that number quickly increased as it seems the rescheduled dates from the end of the year weren’t possible and heading into the new year even more games would need to be postponed for the time being. With documented protocols on how to handle rearrangement or postponement being quite rigid and only under “exceptional circumstances”, the rules have had to be adjusted in light of new factors that were starting to emerge once more primarily with safety and health at the forefront. 

Sporting in other parts of the world has seemingly been unaffected by the same issues, however – that isn’t to say that others may not see postponements in the near future but with different safety regulations and different decisions being made on what is needed as infections rise or fall, but it seems this approach is being actively avoided after what had been seen in the year prior. Delayed games and moving certain events into a bubble where entire seasons would only be played from one location certainly had an impact on ensuring that the same wouldn’t happen once again. 

With the worst impact of the global health crisis now seemingly in the past and the current approach leaning in towards more just dealing with the smaller outbreaks, a full scale return to normal will be the next step for sporting as a whole but caution will still need to be taken to ensure safety for not only fans but athletes too as there are still risks that will need to be measured and accounted for in the future too – at least for now it’s finally time to get back out there and start enjoying many of the biggest sporting events in stadiums once again, just incase the postponements do come back.