Dangerous New #InMyFeelings Dance Challenge Spreading Across Charlotte


A new viral dance challenge is spreading around the world, and in many cases, turning dangerous.

The new dance craze has now been done by tens of thousands of social media users (including tons of celebrities), in which dancers try to mimic the moves of Drake’s hit Scorpion song “In My Feelings.”

It all started with Instagram user theshiggyshow. On June 29, the comedian shared a video of himself dancing (or “doing the shiggy,” as it’s now called) in the street and using moves that perfectly synced up to Drake’s lyrics. When Drake sang, “Kiki, do you love me?” he made a heart gesture with his hands, and he made a driving motion with his arms for the “Are you riding?” line of the song.

Since that original video was posted, it spread like wildfire, including here in the Queen City.

Here’s a recent video from Charlotte of a girl being filmed doing the #inmyfeelings challenge;

Although that wasn’t nearly as dangerous as a lot of other videos that have been posted where the driver of a car will jump out and do the dance while the car is still moving, which has resulted in personal injury;

and even vehicle theft;

also, jumping out of your car and dancing while your vehicle is still moving is illegal, and you can be arrested for it.

What do you think of the new challenge?