Creative Ways to Celebrate Pregnancy Milestones During Stay at Home Order


Are you expecting a baby during the coronavirus pandemic? What should be one of the most exciting times in your life has essentially become an utter nightmare. You’re unable to go anywhere or do anything. More importantly, you must social distance from the friends and family you’d like to share this time with. Though this pregnancy might be a bit more stressful and lonely than most, the good news is there are ways you can share your pregnancy milestones while remaining safely at home. 

Share an Announcement Photo on Social Media

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, chances are you haven’t shared the news with everyone just yet. To spread the world while remaining safe, you can create an announcement photo and share it with friends and relatives on social media. 

The photo shouldn’t be basic either. Couples have really thought outside of the box when it comes to announcing their pregnancy. The photo is supposed to be a keepsake that captures the very essence of how you felt at that moment. 

You can incorporate the ultrasound picture, have t-shirts designed with cute messages, get the kids or pets involved, use props, and so much more. 

Live Stream Your Gender Reveal

Another exciting pregnancy milestone is finding out the sex of your baby. In the weeks leading up to this moment, you probably tried everything to figure out the gender including using the Chinese Gender Calendar and look in the mirror to see if you’re carrying high or low. 

Now that you finally have the official sex of your baby from your ultrasound, you want to let your friends and family know. While you can’t host a gender reveal party in person, you can always live stream the gender reveal for loved ones. 

Simply choose a date and platform to use, invite everyone, and decide on how you’re going to make the grand reveal. Do you plan on using a smoke bomb, confetti cannon, pinata, or smoke tire? Maybe you want to do something more traditional like cut a cake to reveal pink or blue? Just make sure it’s something entertaining for everyone. 

Share Weekly Photos of Your Growing Belly

Your belly is constantly growing as it makes room for your bundle of joy. Of course, you want to share this progress with those you care about. You can do this by sharing weekly pictures with them. Stand in front of a full-body mirror and take a picture from the side. You can even take a photo with a tape measurer around your belly to show how far you’ve come. Then, share these photos via picture message, email, or social media. You might even write a few short paragraphs or record video on how you’re feeling each week. 

Drive-By Baby Showers

Gathering in large crowds is still not highly recommended during the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially true for expectant mothers as this puts both you and your unborn child at risk. So, celebrating the upcoming arrival of your little one with an in-person baby shower is highly unlikely. 

Do not be dismayed as there is still a unique way your loved ones can celebrate this pregnancy milestone with you. Simply host a drive-by baby shower. You create a registry online for items you’d like to receive for the baby and send the link to your friends and family. 

They can then purchase the gifts online and have them delivered directly to your home or choose to bring the gift to you in a brief drive-by exchange. Cars line up and pull up in front of your house. They hand you a gift, honk the horn, shout their well wishes, and drive off. 

In the midst of all this craziness with the coronavirus pandemic, you have been blessed to be bringing new life into the world. While staying close to home and social distancing is essential for your health and pregnancy, there are effective ways for you to share the joy and excitement you’re feeling with those you care about most. What’s great about ideas like those listed above, is that everyone can participate in this beautiful moment in your life while remaining safe during uncertain times.