Creative Loafing Just Shut Down All Operations of Its Charlotte Newspaper


Charlotte’s Creative Loafing magazine has abruptly fired all employees and shut down operations today after the sale of the brand to a Raleigh-based digital publisher.

The Creative Loafing Charlotte Facebook page posted the following announcement earlier today about the decision;

In their offical press release, WNI touted the decision as a positive step for the brand.

WNI’s 53-year-old president Charles A. Womack III noted, “I am very excited and proud to be selling this special and unique brand to n,y oldest son, Alex, and I look forward to seeing all of the new and exciting things he & his team have in store for the com1nunity. The media industry is moving fast and furious into the digital age and that is where Creative Loafing needs to be.”

The announcement also notes that “the print product will stop with the last print issue under his ownership being published and hitting the streets Oct. 31.”

“It has been a great run and I have enjoyed being part of the Creative Loafing brand as owner and publisher, but it is time for the product to be innovated & taken to the next level,” Womack added. “Alex has a lot of experience in the digital world and is very passionate about innovation & technology. I’m excited to see all the things his company will be creating in the coming months.”

Creative Loafing Charlotte’s now former Editor-in-Chief and Journalist, Ryan Pitkin, framed the announcement in a much less excited tone, Tweeting that the new company basically fired everyone without any warning or severance;

What are your thoughts about Creative Loafings move to digital?